Growing your email list is the first and most important step you need to start your marketing campaign. Without a good database of customer lists you cannot bring conversions to your business.  It is required to deliver the best quality of products or services to your customers, but what if you don’t have a good email list send your marketing campaigns? Therefore, solid strategies should always be in place to help you grow your email lists. Here we are going to explain you some of the best and practical list builder strategies to enlarge your email lists.

Use Pop-ups as a List Builder

Make use of content upgrade pop-ups to make subscribers to your website. For example- Your pop-up says – Sign up to our newsletters to get exclusive strategies which I share only with the subscribers of my newsletters. These pop-ups look simple, but they can convert the subscription rates to a significant percentage.

Optimize Your Subscription Confirmation Page

Many email subscriptions fail because of the visitors feeding wrong email addresses. Therefore, you should optimize your subscription confirmation page and ask them to verify their email addresses before completing the subscription. You need to politely ask for confirming and your confirmation page should have the benefits of subscription mentioned again.

Use Testimonials to Prove the Benefits of Email Subscription

You can show testimonials on your website which shows people praising about the email newsletter service you provide. This encourages them to willingly join your email newsletter  service and hence you can become a successful list builder.

List Builder Strategies To Help You Grow Your Email Lists

Make your Giveaway More Enticing with these Special 8 Words

  • Featured
  • Advanced
  • Exclusive
  • Access
  • Secret
  • Special Offer
  • Limited Time
  • Download

Using these valuable terms in offer adds a rocket fuel to it and you get more engagement of the users for email subscription.

Make your blog look like a thriving community by adding the number of email subscribers to your blog

Even if you have a fewer number of subscribers to your blog, adding that number to your blog can help it in looking like a thriving community. This will help you in getting more blog subscribers and your email list will grow rapidly. Try this to test it!

Give Free Bonus to Your Subscribers

This is a great list builder technique and by giving unannounced bonus to your new subscriber you can maintain them for long time. It will also help your blog in gaining popularity and the subscribers will keep with you for a long time. An example of a bonus is – A free e-book of “How to get 20000 visitors to your website in a month”

Turn Your Blog Comments into Email Subscriptions

This is a great idea of building your email lists faster. You can add a checkbox in your “Leave a comment” section saying, for example – ‘Don’t miss exclusive SEO strategies and subscribe to our email newsletter”. If a person commenting is interested, he can check that box and become the subscriber to your blog.