We all clean our homes the best way we can, but there are things we “forget” to clean or we skip them. It is time to clean those things too because they can accumulate a lot of dirt and can become a good place for harmful bacteria to reproduce. Keep reading because Real American cabin will give you a full list of those things:

The Washing Machine

Who cleans their washing machine regularly? Only a few. And only a few know that a washing machine needs to be cleaned. In order to properly clean the washing machine, you need to put 200ml of apple cider vinegar and let it clean all the dirtiness and remove the unpleasant odor. The washing machine can also accumulate dirt that can easily get to the clothes.

The Sink

Even though you clean it regularly, how often do you clean the drainage pipes? Many of you will say that they don’t know how to clean the pipes or that they never did it before. Yes, the drainage pipes need to be cleaned at least once in a week. And there is no need to use some dangerous chemicals, you can do it by using natural ingredients. Put 300gr of soda in the pipes and 150ml apple cider vinegar. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it with hot water.

The Door Handles

You never thought of the door handles, did you? So, washing your hands is not enough if you keep touching the door handles all day. But it is enough to just wipe them with wet wipes or a soft cloth with a few drops of cleaning product.

The Remote Control

This is probably the most used item in every family. All kinds of people with dirty hands can touch your remote control. To do the cleaning easy, simply use ear cleaning sticks and alcohol. Clean every button and every hole. Wet wipes are also fine.

The Work Desk and the Computer/ Laptop

You have no idea how dirty this place can get. This is the place where we put most of our stuff and the place we eat lunch and snacks. Clean it with alcohol and soft cloth. Make sure you wipe every item on that desk and remove those items that are only making a mess.

The Purse

When was the last time you looked in the purse? It can be scary. Women use their purses to put all kinds of stuff. Literally, all kinds of things. So, from time to time it is necessary to remove the things you don’t need. Clean the inner part with baby wipes or something that sticky like an adhesive tape for clothing.

The Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry needs to be cleaned before using. Some jewelry is best to be cleaned with alcohol, but others are sensitive and it is best to clean them with baby wipes.