We’ve all heard it before, getting a recommendation from someone you know is worth 100 from people you don’t. If you’re in the market for a handyman, ask around. Who did your friends, neighbors, coworkers use? Ask them what they had done and how satisfied they were with the process and final product. Check websites that angieslist.

If you’re looking for a handyman in Bridgewater, NJ, Good Housekeeping recommends the following be considered, as well, for each type of contractor that you hire:


Find out what the electrician recommends for hardware (i.e. light fixtures or additional parts), and agree if you will supply it or they will. Some contractors can get these things at cost and save you money. Be sure and tell them how you will be using the space so that they can make the best choice for your lifestyle. Also, find out if you need to apply and post a permit in your window while work is in progress. The electrician should be aware of the local codes and any associated costs.


Have your plumber evaluate your plan for any new plumbing or repairs and be sure to ask for their input. Check to see if they can get parts at cost or if you should purchase the fixtures and supplies. Some plumbers prefer to work on remodels and repairs, while others tend to focus on new construction. Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber what is their specialty. Always find out what kind of schedule they’ll keep while working for you and if any additional costs associated with travel will be added to your bill.


Before purchasing paint, be sure and consult with your painter about your color choices and type of paint for the job. You’d be surprised how many painters, because of their years of experience, will recommend great color combinations you may not have considered. In additional, they can generally save you money by buying paint in bulk and from their suppliers. Find out how much prep work they want you to do before they come to do the job (i.e. move furniture, tape off any areas).


A roofer will come to your house and evaluate the condition of your roof. They can give you an estimate for repair and recommend replacement if necessary. Because roof repair is very expensive, it’s a good idea to get a couple estimates or more before making a decision. Find out if you need to remove any roofing or if the roofer can repair the existing structure. Obviously, the latter will be cheaper. Before buying shingles or other materials be sure and ask about the manufacturer warranty as well as how long the roofer guarantees his work.


Noone likes to think of having to use an exterminator, but houses sometimes can become breeding grounds for unwelcome guests. Some bugs and other annoying pests may require more than one treatment, so ask up-front and find out how long the extermination will last or if there is any kind of guarantee with the service. Consider if you have children, pets, or aged in the home before asking for the exterminator to use pesticides. If they are necessary, then be sure the exterminator knows who lives in your home and may be at risk for adverse side effects.

Check your local yellow pages or ask friends for suggestions for handyman in Bridgewater, NJ.Then, be sure to do your homework and ask the right questions in order to get the best service at the best possible rate.