Feeling jaded?Every day ground hog day? Mojo upped and gone? You need to re-engage with the good things in life – and where better to do it, than the Turks and Caicos islands.

You need islands in the sun that deliver on the promise of paradise. Sandy beaches, swaying palms, glittering seas and a relaxed, laid back pace of life – all these can be found on the forty isles and cays that make up The Turks and Caicos.

So where can we find this heavenly island chain? In the turquoise waters 550 miles south east of Miami. An easy, short flight from the east coast of America, this destination in the Atlantic ocean welcomes around 200,000 tourists annually. Some arrive on cruise ships, others fly in – none of them ever want to leave…

Keeping Busy

If you enjoy water sports you will love this place! Whatever water based activity you want, it’s on offer here. For sport and deep sea fishing try www.gsfishing.com where a wide choice of sea going charter packages are offered. Whether it’s diving, snorkelling, landing Mahi Mahi or Yellowfin Tuna that floats your boat, GS Fishing (Grand Slam Charters) have the package to suit. For exploring the deep waters, the stunning marine landscape of the reef or mooring up on a desert island for a beach party, the go-to guys are GS Fishing (Grand Slam Charters).

Kicking Back

If you need to relax and unwind, let the soothing powers of this dreamy island setting get to work on you. Kicking back is taken very seriously on Turks and Caicos and there are lots of things to help you on your quest for inner tranquillity. A good place to start is Grace Bay Beach. White sands and blue shoreline stretch on for miles, dotted with the occasional parasol, resort or hotel. It’s a vast beach, so finding your own quiet spot to enjoy the view and listen to the waves is never a problem. Feeling more relaxed yet?

Tasting the Local Fare

For fans of fish and seafood, Turks and Caicos is a mouth watering treat. Although most of the restaurants offer a casual, laid back atmosphere, the food will make you sit up and take notice. Conch is farmed on the island and features on many local menus. Fish is a mainstay of the island diet and what ends up on the restaurant plates depends on the day’s catch. Seared tuna, conch fritters, Wahoo and Mahe Mahe all regularly make the menu. Although technically located in the Atlantic ocean, the Turks and Caicos take influences from the nearby Caribbean – this is reflected in the cuisine with recipes such as jerk chicken, suckling pig and spicy, curried dishes also featuring on menus. All washed down perfectly with a traditional rum punch. Delicious!

Wildlife Watching

The wildlife of the area is stunning and diverse. Bird watchers discover much to enjoy as several migratory species are seen in the inland marshes and salt ponds of the interior. Flamingoes, Osprey, Pelican, Boobies, Terns, Frigates and Great Blue Heron can all be spotted in the area. In the water you’ll see dolphins, turtles, stingrays and more. In the winter months (early in the year) the seasonal migration of whales is a delight to experience. One of the finest viewing points for passing whales is from Salt Cay, an island south of Grand Turk.

Local Highlights

The islands remain a British Overseas Territory and are governed by British law. Those interested in the history of the place should check out Cheshire Hall, the 200 year old ruins of a grand cotton plantation.

Those impressed by feats of engineering ingenuity from the past should check out the Grand Turk Lighthouse. Shipped out in pieces from the UK back in 1852, it was fitted back together to guard the northern tip of the island of Grand Turk. It is a good spot to take a picnic and enjoy the views over North Creek – if you are lucky and go there in February or March, you may even spot a humpback whale!

If natural wonders of the geological kind are what gets your pulse climbing, then a visit to the Conch Bar Caves on Middle Caicos should be on the schedule. These impressive limestone caves and underground caverns are the largest in the Caribbean. With underground lagoons, dramatic stalactites and stalagmites and even a bat colony, there’s plenty to marvel at.

For those who need a break, nothing compares to The Turks and Caicos. Clear space in your diary for a well earned pause in paradise…You won’t regret it…