Diwali is not merely the festival of lights but it also represents the importance of culture in Hinduism. As the festival is celebrated in order to commemorate the returning of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and defeating the Ravana it denotes the celebration of triumph of truth over sin.

Nowadays, people celebrate this festival with immense joy and enthusiasm. They exchanges gifts with each other, enjoy tasty treats, burn fire crackers, light lamps and wear new clothes. Although the festival is widely celebrated in India, people observe Diwali in other countries as well. And no matter in which country you reside, here are 3 gifts that you can present to your loved ones and make this festival extra special for them:

  • Laxmi- Ganesh Idols

According to the tradition in Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshipped before worshipping any other God or Goddess. He is known to eliminate all the worries and difficulties from the lives of His devotees.

Diwali is celebrated on the day when Goddess Laxmi emerged during the Samudra-manthan that was performed by the Devas and the Asurs. This is the reason that Diwali is entirelydedicated to the propitiation of goddess of wealth and prosperity.  It is also believed that Goddess Laxmivisits her devotees’ houses to bless them with wealth and prosperity.

Laxmi-Ganesh idols play a major role in Diwali Puja and thus will be a great gift to present to your friends and family. This gift will make this day a lot brighter for them and help them welcome positive vibes to enter their house on this auspicious day.

  • Sweets

Diwali, being the festival of lights also brings good luck to farmers as it also marks the end of the harvest season of the year. On this day, the farmers express their gratitude towards God for the harvest that yielded them good returns. They share their happiness with each other and congratulate each other with gifts and sweets. This makes sweets an important part of the Diwali celebration as sweets are synonymous to celebrations and good times. And to rejoice such a great day, a bunch of sweets are a must.

  • Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are surely one of the most appreciated present for any joyous occasion.  This might be because of the goodness of the nuts that add to the value of the gift. Some of the most popular dry fruits that are presented as gifts on Diwali include almonds, pistachio nuts, raisins, walnuts, cashew nuts, dates, etc. You can also get dry-fruit gift hampers for Diwali which may incorporate all the dry fruits which will surely be the ideal gift for your friends and family members.Also, as the winter season commences soon after Diwali, dry fruits make for a much practical gift for your loved ones.

We hope that these special gifts will be able to make Diwalicelebrations remarkable for you and your family members.