Exterior painting for residential homes is usually something a professional should do unless the owner is very energetic. The exterior painting requires a careful preparation work and the perfect colour of the paint to look great. Choosing the perfect colour that will make your exterior come alive can be a bit complicated. The following are some ideas to help you with your choice.


Many people cannot see their home with a different paint colour, especially if it is a big change. Changing the colour of the exterior of your home will also generally include changing the complementary colour of elements such as moldings, shutters, and doors.


If you are looking for an excellent way of renewing the look of your home, a new paint job can add a touch of grace to the home. Whether you may want to increase the overall value of the house, or you may simply want a new image of the family property. Whatever the reason, professionals such as Summit Roof and Exterior Painting knows what it takes to get the job done quickly and easily, ideally with a quality of work that will increase the value of your home more than the actual cost of the job.

Take a look at the number of items you will need to paint and then decide how many colour options you will need. If you cannot decide how many colours you will need to do the desired look, you can always look at some of the neighboring houses. Typically, owners will paint their exterior trim with contrast or complementary colour to the siding of the home and then use a third colour for the doors and shutters. The exterior finish is usually done in a shade of white, but this will depend on the choice of the main colour.


Another consideration when making your choice of colour are the materials used in the construction of your home and the style of the home. The colour of the roof, any existing stonework or bricks, all must match the new colours. The colour you choose should mix well with the materials of the home. For an exterior, that is all brick, the finish paint gel well with the mortar. In this case, white is not the best option. The colour of the roof is a great consideration. A house painted yellow would look quite rare with a black roof but would complement a brown roof.


When you go to the paint shop, you will find several colour brochures that show houses painted in complementary colour combinations. These colour combinations will undoubtedly be the most modern options for residential homes today. Find the houses with the same coloured roof as yours and see from there. If you still have difficulties, there is software available that can help you make a decision. The only problem with this technique is that the colour of the actual paint will look slightly different from that of the computer.


Buy a small sample of paint and test it on your exterior before buying all the paint you need. Let the sample you paint dry for several days and see if it is still the tone you want.