Along the the cost, where the green of the pinewoods and the azure blue of the sea find each other, a hidden paradise Marmaris. While you have a chance to visit this little touristic town, which is named as the “blue pearl of Turkey”, dedicate to your joy of the multicultural atmosphere, wonder full things do to in the town, beautiful beaches and hundreds of colors that the flowers provide, along the sea, enjoy every second of it without missing a single part.

Things to do

Marmaris is surely the most fantastic holiday resort within the borders of the half asian and half european country Turkey, during the summer, thousands of tourists visit the place, following an addiction that pushes the people to come to the town again and again. The place attracts with it’s night life, shopping, weather and a lot more.Our recommendations to do in this wonderful town are going out during the warm summer nights, enjoying the sun on the beach, shopping in the grand bazaar and of course activities which are called Marmaris Excursions.

Marmaris Excursions

Going on the double deck boats, enjoying the waterfights on the jeep safari and all other fantastic places where you can discover the true history and the culture at the same time, apart from the cultural and historical tours, you could also join the community of the divers even if you have never tried the scuba diving in your life or if you say that you will be fine with a long bus journey of three hours, why not trying the white water rafting in Dalaman River.

Friendly People

The town has very friendly local people, who seem a bit hassling but at the end, you notice that they are also very polite at the same time, the most famous things you could buy from the shops are; jewellers, leather handbags, leather jackets, very good copies of the famous clothing brands, turkish delight (highly recommended buying from a pure turkish delight shop, where they sell nothing else)

Centrum, Grand Bazaar and The Castle

While you visit the centrum, where the grand bazaar is located, we suggest you going along the castle, where you will find yourself on a peaceful hill overlooking the whole town and the beatiful view of the sea, by the time you get to the grand bazaar, you will feel the hassle a bit more but it is the place to haggle the prices down, never pay the first price and never miss the apple tea which you will be offered almost in every shop you will go into, people try really hard to get a sale but one thing will make you very happy that they never try to get your money in any naughty way, many of the tourism workers will tell you that their products are not fake and they are original, as you will also notice yourself that they are just very good “copies”, remember not paying more than what you think it might be worth to.

Watch Out Girls!

Another important holiday tip that we would like to warn you about is the charming guys, almost every girl is a princess to them, young girls might find all those compliments very interesting and atrrcting but you should be aware of the situation that most of these young boys are willing to find a western woman/girl for marriage, just to get a visa to europa, however this does not mean that they are all the same and you can not find the true love in this place, of course you can, there are also very respectful and genuine guys, so as anywhere else, it is also a bit related to your luck

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