Most people switch quite a few homes throughout their lives. I even remember that we’d moved to 3 or 4 different places by the time I was 7 years old. It’s not like my family needed to move a lot, but that I guess we just couldn’t find “the perfect place”. And then we moved back to my mother’s family house, which was actually divided into separate apartments, and we’ve moved between 3 of them.

And here I am, with a family of my own. When I was little I did not think too much about moving – new place, great, granted I was not too far from my friends. But now it is very different. Who would think that you have to consider so many things, because you actually have a family for which to take care? Of course, we can’t move to a house on a noisy street, our baby would never fall asleep and that means me and my wife are not falling asleep as well. Can’t be too far from a school either, because our 6-year-old needs to have an education, but we can’t spend an hour driving her to school every day. And to think that this is just about the external setting the home has to be in.

So it is settled – the suburbs it is. Chicago at least has a lot to offer when it comes to suburban cities and villages. Some are more expensive, others not so much, but at least they have plenty of schools and relatively quiet neighborhoods. But then again with quite a few options from which to pick, we have to really consider each opportunity. Do we pick the suburb further from the city, but closer to our relatives, so it would be easier to leave the children there, or one a bit closer to the city, so that we get to work quicker? So many variables.

So I take some days off work and start going around the suburbs, to different houses, checking things out. It is great that at least my wife and I are on the same page when it comes to choosing a proper home for us and our kids. We go to quite a lot of places, before actually like one. It isn’t “perfect” per se, but we can make it work. It makes sense that you don’t have sky high expectations when looking for a home. I am positive that even if you find a seemingly “perfect” one, you will have some dislikes about it in the future, when you live for a bit there.

So, with our new home finally chosen, we have to figure out how and more likely what to move there. As for the “how”, we found a nice moving company, recommended to us by a friend. “What” is a bit more difficult, because I have a bit of tendency to hoard things and my wife always wants to throw away my collectibles. But it can actually go the other way around as well, as I don’t see why my wife would want to keep so many clothes, she barely uses. But you know all about such arguments.

Finally, when all is set and we enter our new home, everything falls into place. You know in the end the perfect home may not exist, but you can make your place as good as possible and if you feel good about it, that is just perfect, at least for me.