Negotiation is essential in business and there are effective methods we should implement. Businesspeople can learn how to negotiate if they properly study negotiation process. It is important for them to practice negotiation at every opportunity. It should be essential for us to have the ability to negotiate for better prices or early payments for our services and products. In this case, we should negotiate for better interest rates and loan terms from the bankers. With negotiation, we should be able to preserve our limited cash reservs. As an example, it isn’t necessary to buy if we can lease or rent. Also, it isn’t necessary to rent, if we can borrow and we don’t have to buy something new, if we can get reliable second hand items. Negotiation can protect the source of our cash flow and this is essential for any small business. If we run out of cash, then we can no longer operate. Cash to start-ups is like oxygen to brain cells. We should scramble and fight to make sure that we have enough cash reserves.

Our ability to negotiate can actually show our resilience. This is the ability to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. By being resilient, we can always negotiate with banks or business partners to keep their trusts. Business negotiators should have the ability to look into the future and they need to consider the worst possible occurrences that can happen to their company. It’s also an important indication of superior leaders. By having this ability, it is possible for business owners to come up with an agreement that can have the lowest risk and highest possible returns. Negotiators need to be optimistic and positive, but they also need to know about the worst possible things that may happen and how to avert them. There could be bad things that can happen to our business, cash and staff. We could include factors in the negotiation to deal with possible things that may eventually occur. Once we are able to determine bad things that could happen, we will be able to focus all of our energy during the negotiation to make sure that it won’t happen under any circumstance.

Negotiators become resilient to a degree that they can think through of things that could happen and they will be more prepared against any eventuality. It is probably acceptable to have small setbacks in the business negotiation, if they can minimize possible risks. Negotiators should be persistent in the face of problems and they know what to do no matter what will happen. They should be clear about their negotiation’ goals and it is important for them to be flexible. If one negotiation method doesn’t work, they can try something else. It is important to be adaptable and flexible in the face of difficult business partners or lenders. Military leaders often say that no plan survives first contact with an enemy. It means, no negotiation strategy survives contact with difficult partners and bank representatives, so it’s important to be flexible.