If you are going to have first encounter with an escort then it will be useful to read this post so that you will not be embarrassed while mingling with the escort and your experience remains memorable.
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In order to keep the meeting sweet and pleasant, you must totally avoid asking following few questions.
1. Never ask their real name
Usually, a girl has to face number of challenges in the sex industry and hence will never try to reveal her real name to their clients. You have lots of other things to talk about rather than asking for her name.
2. Don’t enquire whether her family is aware that she is in this business
No girl will tell her family that she is in sex trade and neither will you tell your family that you visit girls for sex. So, it is needless question to ask that may hurt her too.
3. Don’t ask how many clients she has entertained before?
You have got no business to ask such question and also whether you are the first client or the last client. Leave her business and appointments totally her own affair rather than taking interest on that.
4. Don’t ask her real age
As such asking age to any girl is considered to be bad manners. Asking her such question implies that you are suspecting her real age. All escorts may say lesser age than actual in order to remain in business, and thus they will never tell you the truth.
5. Don’t ask any questions about her income from this business
No one will feel comfortable if you suddenly ask about his or her income and surely you too will not like to confront such questions. If she tells on her own then it is a different matter but you should never ask.
6. Don’t ask whether you must wear a condom
No escort will agree on unprotected sex just because it will make them vulnerable to certain sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, asking such question shows your immaturity.
7. Never ask for her private number
Escort may provide her official contact number for necessary communication but you should not insist to have her private number too unless of course she herself provides you one. Similarly, you too should not share your number with her.
8. Avoid asking personal question like if she has any boyfriend etc.
Your meeting with an escort is purely a business and not a personal meeting and hence you are not supposed to be too personal with her and enquire about her own private life and also about number of boyfriends etc.
9. Don’t ask for such services that she does not offer
Before meeting her, you must ask for all the services that you desire from her. After that you are not supposed to demand any additional services which she will deny anyway.
10. Don’t ask for a selfie with her
Avoid asking for any selfie with her as she will not like to reveal her identity.