As one of the giants in the online gambling software industry, Novomatic is among the world’s largest companies in it. Since 1980, Novomatic has been designing products used globally. They have a presence at many online casinos as well as land-based casinos. In addition to hundreds of Novomatic slots, the company has also produced software for the world’s largest online sportsbooks.

In 1990, Novomatic found remarkable success with American Poker II, helping to encourage players to try new games of video poker. Throughout the course of the decade, Novomatic found itself expanding through the acquisition of casino properties in countries all over the world. During that time, the company continuously opened new production facilities to meet the demand for this type of game.

Now in the business of gaming software for 37 years, Novomatic has become a staple in the industry and a brand that online and land-based casinos around the world trust and use. One of the company’s most recent accomplishments is providing entertainment to the largest sports bar in Europe, Admiral Arena Prater.

Novomatic participates in the yearly International Gaming Exhibition, held in London. In 2017 it was one of the most prominent vendors at the event, showing the influence, it has over the casino software industry.

Aside from providing casino games, the company is also in the business of expanding its sports betting and lottery options. Its entry into Admiral Arena speaks to the quality of its sportsbooks and accounts for much of the company’s recent success.

Due to the company’s excellent reputation, any Novomatic Online Casinos list is one that is worth taking seriously. The company is known for some of its most popular and beloved slot machines, including Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot and Columbus.

Of these three titles, Book of Ra is the classic, but Columbus proved to be so popular among players that its original version was updated to make it even more appealing. As far as video slots go, it is one that represents the current state of the slot machine industry. Though the game isn’t overly complicated, its impressive graphics have made it a big hit and have beautifully demonstrated what Novomatic can do.

Thanks to their many successful casino games, the company’s revenues have exceeded one billion dollars. As the company continues to grow, it is strengthening its position within the industry. Having conquered online and land-based casinos, Novomatic games can now be played all over the world and this is something that is expected to continue.

Among the reasons that Novomatic games have become so popular is that they offer exciting play, as well as frequent free spin, offers that are attractive to most players. Their continued success will be based on their ability to provide gamblers with exactly what they are looking for. This is especially true for players who prefer slot machines, as this is what Novomatic is best known for and will continue to be known for.