Shopping on retail stores is a lengthy and boring process. Searching different shops for the availability of a specific thing and keeping track of the prices of commodities across shops in order to buy them at their‘most economical price’, takes time and effort. Finally one has to stand in a queue to pay for the selected items and the whole tedious process of shopping is over.

Isn’t there a more efficient, faster and hassle-free way to this whole ordeal?

Yes, there is a way and it’s called as “shopping online”

Online shopping has made shopping hassle-free and convenient.

Online shopping websites offer the option of ordering stuff from the safety and security of one’s home. Another advantage of shopping online is that you can order whenever you want since these sites are accessible 24×7.

Why are the product offered online cheaper than their store counterparts?

Traditional product supply chain involves the manufacturer, the distributor and the retailer. It is the retail store where a person buys his ‘stuff’. At the distributor and retail level a “price markup” occurs which is actually the commission charged by the respective institutes for bringing the product to the end consumers.

Online shopping websites do notuse these middle agencies and a person buys from the manufacturer of the product directly. The online website does charge a small fee from the manufacturers, which is ultimately included in the selling price of the product, and one has to pay for the delivery of the product. These “markups”on the price are relatively small and thus even after these markups the online product is relatively cheaper. Also, these sites offer considerable discounts from time to time, such as pandahall discount code, making the products offered more economical to buy

Shopping community and the support offered

The main issue people have with online shopping is that they cannot actually see the quality of the product on sale and its features, to overcome this issue online shopping websites offer an option to “rate” and comment on the product.

Several previous buyers of the product rate the product in the form of “stars” (on either 5 or 10 star rating) and leave helpful comments for the prospective buyer of the product. On seeing the rating and reading the comments of such people one can easily get a rough idea regarding the quality of the product and the features it has.

Another issue people have with online shopping is the possibility of a fraud, where they can be sent a defected product. To safeguard the buyers against such frauds most sites offer a week or so of “return policy” where a buyer can simply return a product if it happens to be either flawed or it doesn’t perform its intended functions.

Online shopping isn’t as fraudulent and ‘scary’ as some people think it is, on the contrary it is a safe place where people can avail several discounts via several schemes such as pandahall promo code, and the increasing number of online shoppers confirms this fact.