Over the last few years, outsourcing companies have gained immense prominence in the competitive world of business. Large multinational companies have been enjoying the benefits of associating with call centers in India. BPO (Businesses Process Outsourcing) is a buzzword among the corporates in today’s world. Gone are the days when businesses used to operate in-house call center to accomplish non-core functions of the organization. But today, business organizations are significantly outsourcing business processes to telemarketing companies located in almost every part of the world. The BPO industry is recognized as a specialized sector in India. This blog essentially discusses advantages of outsourcing business functions to India.

Outsourcing is not a new idea but it has become popular in recent years. Outsourcing actually means getting associated with third party on a contractual basis. India is considered as one of the preferred locations of outsourcing as it offers wide range of benefits which other countries do not. Various small and large business organizations are all setting up their call centers in India owing to qualified and cheap workforce; lucrative processes; time zone advantage; and innovative technologies. Call center India offers best in class services to their customers and strives hard to reach wider market and target audience.

Outsourcing helps businesses in focusing on core competencies and they operate in numerous ways:

  • Flexible in nature and adapt changing market
  • Augment quality and productivity of products and services
  • Resolve queries of customer efficiently
  • Reach target audience
  • Infiltrate competitive market
  • Fulfilling demands of customer and satisfying their needs
  • Lucrative services
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase the ROI of business

BPO services is quite vogue in India. The call center industry drives with the technological advancements. With the advent of Internet, communication has become not only convenient but also cheaper across the globe and this is the biggest advantage for the success of the BPOs. Businesses do not wish to employ their competitive workforce into low end and menial tasks. By collaborating with reliable call centers in India, businesses can concentrate on key competencies of the organization thereby strategically winning the goals of the company. Advertising, branding, and promoting products and services of the organizations help businesses to focus on marketing strategies of organization and investing capital on core business activities.

The players in the BPO industry is categorized on the basis of ownership structure such as captive players, third party service provider and call center operations by Indian IT companies. The success of call center India with outsourcing has been prompted by western companies. They outsource outbound, inbound, and helpdesk services including accounting, customer service, data entry, and order taking among others. There are numerous multinational companies which have been outsourcing business functions to India, and many among them only outsource non-core functions to call centers in India.

Let us take a look at the top benefits of outsourcing business functions to call centers in India:

Well trained and diligent employees: By outsourcing business functions to third party businesses do not need to recruit tech-savvy and proficient experts to start business operations. This is one of the major reasons for outsourcing business functions to call centers India. Unemployment is considered as an important reason why BPO companies in India are available at a fraction of the cost overseas. India has largest English speaking and also multilingual population. This is an added advantage of outsourcing as this makes communication easy.

Focus on core business functions: Collaborating with third party vendor allow businesses to focus on core competencies of the organization thereby outsourcing non-core functions of the company. There is no need of employing premium workforce into low end and menial tasks of the organization. Outsourcing also reduces the risk associated with work and minimizes operational expenses of the organization.

24/7 cross services: Time zone is another added advantage of outsourcing business functions to call centers in India. Customer support service providers offer round the clock service to their customers with best in quality. Customers can avail the benefit of this service from anywhere, anytime. Geographical differences remain no more an issues. 24/7 customer support is help in increasing sales graph of the business.

As per recent surveys and statistics, India is positioned as the leader among outsourcing destination across the globe. Outsourcing business functions to technology-driven call centers in India helps businesses in providing best in class and quality services to their customers.