So you are all set to tie the knot! After all it is your wedding day approaching. There must be so many things going in your mind right now. the butterflies in your stomach, the smile which never ceases to leave your face and the checking of your smart phone now and then is proof enough how deeply you are in love with your would be. So you must have booked the wedding attire and it must be matching each other. Then there must have been done the booking of the venue and the menu. After all the wedding is a lot about what people eat. But this is about the guest, what about you? You must have always had a dream of your honeymoon at some exotic place. For the honeymooner’s there is no better place than the city of Paris.

And for those of you thinking only about Eiffel Tower, there is much more to it which will charm you. So here in are some dos’ and don’ts for the honeymoon couple all set for a vacation:-

  • Booking a hotel- This is the ace thing which you need to take care about. So browse for the hotels from the many travel websites. There are also the hotel websites which will provide with a clear picture of the same. There are the luxurious hotels in the city with the windows and galleries which provide the breath taking view of the Eiffel Tower. And then there are also the budget and affordable hotels in Paris. These too have good features and courteous staff.
  • Gadget free- You must want to tell the entire world how much in love you both are. So you click pictures and send to the social media site you are a part of. Do send the pictures but not the same day as you check in. don’t forget that world is a bad place too. And you wouldn’t want to mar the experience of your honeymoon because of bad people. And yet again why waste time in seeing the comments or likes or hearts when what you really should do is spend time with each other.
  • Safety- Safety of your luggage, your belongings, yourself, your money is of prime importance. So don’t just stroll away in a new place. In fact try to not go in secluded clubs or casinos. Try out the bars which are well equipped with people. And the same goes for the restaurants.
  • For each other- You both should have your passport all the time with you. And you should also be having your addresses and phone number in the pocket of your handbag or the purse in case any sort of problem might occur. You should also make sure that whenever you move out of the hotel, the mobile which you have is completely charged.

So look at the travel websites, hotel websites and the best eat outs in Paris and avail the most memorable holiday of your lifetime.