If you want to feel the new place, new city, new country from the point of view of locals, you have to see the city with the new eyes, ears. This is the way to learn and understand the new culture. If you don’t want to be the typical tourist, try to spend your time for picnic in one of the London city parks, as Londoners used to do. If you are in London, it is difficult to find something more interesting for weekend as picnic on the grass. British picnic is one of those traditions that are popular for all locals as far as the sun comes up. If you know nothing about the city parks and gardens, just hire a car in London and feel free to stop whenever you want!

What do Englishmen take for picnic? The assortment is wide. As a rule, this is the light snacks, fruits and alcohol. The snacks are cheese, sausages, mini sandwiches, sweet bans, cakes. The most popular fruit is strawberry, especially in the season May-June. Speaking about alcohol, everything is individual. The favorite drink is Pimm’s cocktail, made of British liquor Pimm’s, fruits and lemonade. Where can you buy all these things? Everything is simple. You can buy ready-to-use picnic sets in the shop.

Picnic do Bruno

Regent’s Park

What a royal picnic is waiting for you in the Regent’s Park! The beautiful fountains, green alleys and rich fauna are waiting for you. You can take your kids with you. They will be amazed from the squirrels and birds. There is a zoo on the park territory. You can also spend your time by playing tennis or having fun at the playgrounds.

Richmond Park

Picnic in the Richmond Park is a real fun in nature. You can relax here, watch after the deer and birds that are passing by. You are offered to visit the stable, golf-clubs and playgrounds. How about having an interesting excursion over the park to enjoy the nature view from the viewing platform? What a good idea!

Hyde Park

This is the best place to have romantic picnic. There are many couples here! The park is situated not far from the center to have a huge territory. You can ride a bike or go boating before the picnic. If you are hungry, you can buy food and ice-cream in the nearest cafes right here.

Primrose Hill

The Primrose Hill is worth visiting because of the amazing view. It is situated on the North side from the Regent’s Park to open the amazing city view. Big Ban, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye – everything is clearly visible. Primrose Hill is considered to be one of the most prestigious city regions, where the most of British celebrities live. Are you lucky to meet someone?

2010-04 London Primrose Hill 049

Greenwich Park

You can feel yourself in the center of the world in the Greenwich Park! Of course, the zero meridian goes right here! There are many interesting attractions in the park. You can meet all of them before your picnic. There is a rosary and greenhouses. There is the Queen’s House in the North, National Navy Museum, Greenwich Hospital. Greenwich Observatory is the most amazing place. You climb up the road to get there. The London view is amazing from here! What about the picnic? You can buy it from the Cheeseboard.

St. James’s Park

St. James’s Park is one of the most beautiful and green corners of London. It is situated close to the Buckingham Palace to be the oldest park in London. You can meet the architecture monuments and spend your time at the lake to watch pelicans. If you don’t want to take a blanket with you from home, you may rent the sling chair right here.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This park is a place to get picnics for a big company. This is a huge space with the sport complexes, park zones, sculptures. You can walk along the alleys and go cycling. There are many cozy lawns to have picnic here.

London - QE Olympic Park


The Borough Market is a real paradise for gourmands. You can buy delicacies from all over the world: British pies, French cheese, Spanish sausages and other sweets. Just go along the counter and buy something for picnic. There is a big minus – there are no parks around this place. It is better to go down the subway at London Bridge and get to the nearest park – Green Park. You can have a picnic admiring the Buckingham Palace View. If you want to be close to nature, go up the Baker Street. The Regent’s park is near here among the blossom trees and green fields.

The shop Fortnum & Mason offers to buy a marvelous picnic set. This is the shop where the royal family goes to buy food. The prices are high. If you want something more budget, go to the Mount Street Deli, where you can also buy something for picnic: tea, cookies, cakes, sweets. Both of these restaurants are situated 5 minutes walking from the Green Park.

Kensington Gardens are accurate grass, old trees, quiet lakes. There is a Kensington Palace, where William, Duke of Cambridge lives with his family. The Whole Foods Market is lux class supermarket, where you can buy ready-to-use picnic set. This is one of the best supermarkets in London. It is located 5 minutes walking from the High Street Kensington.


One of the best places where you can swim is Hampstead Heath Lake. You can buy everything for picnic in the Giacobazzi’s Cafe, Fleet Road, not far from the Hampstead Heath metro station. You can buy Italian delicacy to take away. There is also another interesting cafe – Beetroot. This is the Polish cafe, where you can buy sandwiches, buns, salads, sausages and many different sorts of cheese. The assortment is wide. One way or another, London is full of places to buy food for picnic for different budget. Oh, never forget to buy something for drink! Just wait for the sunny weather.