At present in designer clothes and designer homes, there is an attempt to make over and redesign everything suits your needs as well as for beautification. Kitchens are an important part of the house and proper attention should be given to it while designing your home. A clean and spacious kitchen is a welcome sight not only for the family, but also for many guests who might be just dropping in.

Depending on the owner’s taste and choice, a designer kitchen can be sleek modern or country casual.

Aspects of a Designer Kitchen

There are many factors to consider before re-doing your kitchen. Let us look at a few of those aspects which make all the difference while making your kitchen a ‘Designer Kitchen’.

1. Small Kitchen

Normally, a kitchen is allocated a lesser space compared to the rest of the house. That is the main reason you would find most kitchens much smaller in size as compared to the other rooms. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to design your kitchen in a way that there is no wastage of space and most of your utensils and other foodstuff can be stored properly in a tidy manner. Cabinets that can hold most of your kitchen stuff look neat. These can be placed high due to the lack of space and give a feeling of furniture. Have a refrigerator, dishwasher under the counter to make it compact and beautiful.

2. Color Scheme

You can experiment with different colors in your kitchen as long as they suit the color of your house. All designer kitchens need not necessarily to be white, or in other words, white is not the only color which makes your kitchen classy. If your kitchen overlooks the garden, you can try out some color that suits the visible greenery, like a duller shade of green, or a contrast, like brown and yellow. If your house has a funky look, opt for a color which complements this, instead of going subtle.

3. Modern Kitchen

Trying ideas for a modern kitchen is fun. Modernism speaks of a little imperfection. Cabinets which are made of wood can be fitted with old-fashioned drop-pull handles. This might not seem absolutely perfect, but gives a classy ‘designer’ look as you desire. A white sink paired with a bridge faucet of polished nickel can take the look one step further.

Plan Creative kitchen Designs In Best Way

4. Lighting

The lighting arrangement is important as it removes the dull, drab and depressing look of the place where you would spend a lot of time doing the most important chore, i.e. cooking. A well-lit kitchen makes it lively, exciting and warm. A chandelier in the kitchen makes it highly impressive and speaks volumes of the owner, without looking out of place or funny. It does make your kitchen the designer kitchen you are looking for, for which you will be no doubt complimented. Lanterns are another option to choose from without hesitating. You do not need the old boring look of a conventional kitchen. You need to experiment and be bold about it.


Get into the details of designing your kitchen, and do not be casual about the idea. The whole prospect of making your kitchen a ‘designer kitchen’ should be exciting and interesting. Planning out the smallest of details will give your kitchen the look you have always desired and wished for as you went through all those magazines having pictures of the classy and stylish kitchens. Cabinets, color schemes and the right material used for the flooring and the lighting will make you smile at the end result.

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