Booking a hotel is not tough, but booking the right one at the right price is a careful task, because there are the chances of you getting cheated. There are numerous websites jam-packed with varied promotions of various types of hotels, having breathtaking images. You cannot be sure of the fact that you will get what are being shown on the different pages.

Like every vacation, each traveller looks for unique features, while booking/searching for a hotel. It even depends on the kind of deal that you are looking for. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Normandy, then you need not go anywhere else.

Define Your Need and Requirement

It is better to do ‘problem recognition’ first i.e. understand yourself – what is it that you are actually looking for? Is it the cheap price or the luxury hotel? The next step is ‘information search’, try and look out for the options available catering to your need. The third step is to check the alternatives and then choosing one.

Factors that Rule the Bookings!

There are many factors that play an integral role in terms of your selection of a hotel. They are:-

  1. Cheap and best is what everybody seeks. There are many hotels that are not promoted, yet are available in the market and doing good business.
  2. Something different like – a ‘tree house’ or may be a cave hotel are unique choices of many. It totally depends on what you want!
  3. Facilities provided are very important as you should know what all you will be getting. Is it a swimming pool/restaurant/gym that you essentially want?
  4. If you are seeking luxury accommodations, then the choice is not limited. Luxury – as the word defines everything you need.
  5. If you are a frequent traveller, then there are chances of you being a part of the loyalty program of the hotel, and listed for the best discounts that are offered by them.
  6. These days ‘green’ is the talk of the town. Hotels such are available in the market.
  7. Family hotels are quite different as kids are involved in the entire process.
  8. Always check for the reviews posted for a hotel and then make the bookings. Such reviews have real images for you to connect with.

Answers to the questions you must know before making an entry into the hotel

These days, cheating can be expected anywhere. There are certain answers to some questions that you must know, to escape from such frauds.

  1. Which part of the hotel has what view?
  2. Is public transportation close to the hotel?
  3. Is the area safe?
  4. What are the regulations to be followed, if cancellations have to be made?
  5. Smoking or non smoking room, which is being given to you?
  6. What facilities are provided for a physically challenged person?

An ordinary person saves a lot, in order to be able to spend in an extra-ordinary manner. Vacation/holidays are not something you plan every day, so plan well and spend well.