Powerpoint presentation is a common phenomenon for professional and business projects. It may become important to create PowerPoint timelines to create a graphical presentation of a series of events like main events in a person’s life or milestones in a project, and so on. You can smoothly create such significant inclusions with the use of an instrumental graphic timeline. The Timeline Maker Pro is one of the highly recommended software among other PowerPoint timelines software.

How to create interactive timelines? 3 Easy Steps

  1. Open any existing PowerPoint presentation or create a new one. Select the timeline software option (Timeline Maker tab or other) in the PowerPoint menu. Then, click on Insert Interactive Timeline tab. Herein, click on the down arrow that will show a list of available timeline charts procured from the timeline file. Select the one that meets your demands and click on Ok.

Under this option, you can create separate panels with subjects to them. Usually, PowerPoint timelines software will allow you to add more panels to let you add sub-categories. You have the option to add bullets to it. You may change shape, size and colors of the panels.

  1. Your next step entails adding animations and links to your timeline. Under this option, you can insert charts, links and images into your timeline. You will find a number of timeline charts so that you can make your choice from the same. This is an interesting step that allows the user to turn up the PowerPoint timelines presentations more interesting by using slides or various shapes for boxes. You may hyperlink any sentence or word as per the requirement. Once, you have selected your desired chart or images, click on Insert.
  1. This is the most important step where you can share your PowerPoint timelines online. This step allows you to share everything you have added to the PowerPoint timelines with your friends and professionals. Use the PowerPoint timeline software to convert your presentation in the HTML or other required mode and then upload it to the cloud. Then, embed it to your blog or website.

Looking for a way to create timeline faster?

Using PowerPoint, you can quickly create timelines. First, determine a structure that you prefer like various customized shapes or animations or colors, etc. The whole process is quite complex, but pretty creative and time-consuming. With the use of the right PowerPoint timelines software, it is easier to create a timeline interaction fast.

To make it more interesting, you may add audio or videos as per your needs to make the timelines inserted in PowerPoint more interesting. The Office Timeline is a software built right inside the Microsoft PowerPoint. The process helps to create excellent Gantt charts along with timelines that can match no other.

There are several free Timeline templates for PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc. Do some research online so that you can learn about the different PowerPoint timelines add-ins that you can install in your PowerPoint to let you design schedule, timelines, roadmap diagrams, etc.

Thus, perform better with the right PowerPoint timelines software to create breakthrough presentations for your business or office.