Project Management is a standard methodical approach that plans and guides projects from conception till completion.

Project management comprises the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to organize the changes that need to be implemented successfully within an organization. Traditionally Project Management involves five phases: a-Project conception and Initiation, b-Project definition and planning, c-Project execution, d-Project performance, e-Project control and f-Project closure.

Projects are created to accomplish a successful endeavor, to solve a specific problem or to change a process for the benefit of the organization.

Project management apart from driving behind the venture often overlooks into a creative process.

Projects involve heavy documentation. When communicating information regarding the project, all this documentation needs to be summarized and all the six phases need to be addressed in order to provide a clear status of the projects and its milestones.

PowerPoint is the preeminent tool utilized for project presentations. Many tools exist in the competitive market that highlights the progress of the project in an understandable manner. Project management processes may vary from industry to industry but the execution of the process involved in project management has to be visually designed in an expressive manner in order to help the top management in its understanding.

Project Management PowerPoint Presentations by SlideModel

Project presentations are critical part of project management; managers need to make sure to provide proper visibility in meetings in order to facilitate the decision process of executives for next steps.

Project managers should specify the following facts while preparing the PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Project Objectives
  2. Type of Audience to be addressed
  3. Clarity on Desired outcome
  4. Key Elements of the project
  5. Timeframe/ Budget of the project

SlideModel provide superlative PowerPoint templates implementing the above criteria in the presentation decks. Ranging from Strategic Alignment Model templates, for strategic project planning conversations, to specific Gantt Charts for Projects task descriptions. This templates includes all steps required to describe the reality of any project.

Project management adheres to reduce costs and improve the success rate of projects through methods and strategies applied in execution. Projects absolutely depends on managers ability to highlights achievement and blockers in order to trigger decision makers actions.

SlideModel provides managers editable templates based on traditional PMI approach and techniques to create impressive project presentation for clients/ officials/ executive meetings in an organization. They include gorgeous professional designs,with business aesthetics.

Below, a lists of few tips from SlideModel to think ideas during project presentations and apply templates from their gallery to create and outstanding presentation deck.

  • Avoidance of complex Project documentation

Presentation stands as a project communication to the management at high level hence avoiding complicated project documentation will make the higher level to drop-out the attention over the project.

  • Graphical Project presentation

Visuals will be the best technique for creating and communicating numbers it helps the audience and management to have a quick look at the improvements performed towards the benefit of the organization.

  • Usage of Flat and High-quality background images

Usage of appropriate colors in the background of the presentation provides beautiful contrasts and keeping everything consistent could be good for branding and presenting the presentation in large screen.

The Organization pursue for high profits and increased market standards in the competitive business world entails a variety of systems such as Total Quality Management, Total Quality Control and Six Sigma.

This systems, especially Six Sigma, obliges portfolio of the project to create revenue and reduce costs.

Six Sigma,  with its DMAIC process, defines, quantifies, clarifies and analyzes the problems, using an analytical approach. The tool uses root cause analysis to identify problemas and to define solution to implement. Project management and Six Sigma are an integrated approache that defines the accomplishment of cost reduction, enhancement of process and faster implementation.

During the execution of projects with Six Sigma, where  a variety of techniques are applied as statistical data analysis through experiments, Cause and effect Diagram, Failure mode and effect analysis hence it is the presenter responsibility to highlight the Six Sigma tools in the presentation that have been utilized during the project.

SlideModel assists you to prepare top-notch presentations and provide assistances to create presentations on Six Sigma. For example the Flat DMAIC PowerPoint Templates.

Project Management PowerPoint Presentations by SlideModel

Six Sigma projects that apply DMAIC approach includes Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control stages to get an improvement on Return on Sales, share/ sales price, employment growth.

DMAIC process includes below information during each stage;

  1. Define – Goals of the improvement activity to be defined.
  2. Measure – Valid and reliable metrics should be measured to monitor the progress.
  3. Analyze – Identify the root cause and the gap between the current performance of the system and defined goals.
  4. Improve – Improvement to reduce the identified gaps through faster and cheaper way.
  5. Control – New system to be placed to ensure the improvement and sustainability of the process.

A collection of Project Management PowerPoint templates in SlideModel covers a variety of topics from project management, Change Management, Organizations, Business strategy and models and provide assistances for the user to address various business needs and supports to get the appropriate project management templates to highlight the effort you have placed during the process of the project.

SlideModel templates are designed covering all industries – IT Project management, healthcare management, logistics management, training management. Their presentations are designed with the thought the presenter should have, making it user-friendly, easily editable and communicate their project success perfectly.

Using SlideModel templates could help you explain the goals, targets and expectations of your project.  The project management templates that include slides are designed for specific types of industries but the templates are simple enough to accommodate for any type of industries.