Recording a lecture has become quite popular among the students. We can see many institutes provide a copy of recorded lectures that help the students in preparing for exams. Using a recorder to record the lectures has many pros and cons. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits and problems faced by using recorded lectures.

Benefits of Recorded Lectures:

  • In each subject, there is a topic which is quite tough and complex. To fully understand that topic, you have to revisit what your professor said 2-3 times. You cannot ask your professor, to give you a lecture on the same topic 2-3 times. This is where recorded lectures come into play. You can listen to the lecture any time you want for a number of times.
  • Missing a lecture is very common among the students, what if you missed an important class? Recorded lectures solve this problem if you have missed a class. You can use the recorded lecture to note down the important points, which were taught during that lecture.
  • Recording lectures also help in that situation where you fall behind while taking notes. You can listen to the lecture again to complete the notes.
  • You can have an archive of all the lectures of the whole semester. Now, you can revise each and every topic again without much of a problem.
  • Let’s say you have lost your notes and the exams are going on, with the help of recorded lectures, you can write all your notes again and prepare for your examinations.
  • Recorded lectures become our best friend during the examination. You can listen to the lecture, again and again, to clear all your doubts before your exam.

You can avail all these benefits only if your institute is using a device of big company, which makes the best recorder for class lecture.

Problems Faced while using Recorded Lectures:

  • Listening to recorded lectures is very time-consuming, you have to another one or two hours of your time to study the same topic that you already have.
  • Recording lectures encourage poor performance in classrooms. Students know that everything is recorded they do not pay attention in the classrooms or start missing their classes very often.
  • Recorder which is power operated will stop recording if the power supply stops even for a second. One has to go through the process to start the recorder and set it up.
  • Battery operated recorder often fails to record complete lecture because the battery dies quickly.
  • If your institute is using a voice recorder to record the lecture, then the students who have missed their class will not be able to write down the points, which were written on the board.
  • Sometimes the recorder fails to capture the voice of the professor at a good volume. This results in a muffled sound and students won’t be able to understand what the professor said during the class.
  • The professor might not take the class seriously; he may provide the recorded lecture of his teaching from previous years which might not clear the doubts of a student.

Despite of all the problems, one cannot undermine the importance and popularity gained by the recorded lectures. As far as recording issues are concerned, that can be solved by buying the best recorder for class lecture.