The application razor wire fencing is slightly different that is being used to protect farms, livestock and lands. The razor wire fencing is applied to protect bases and depots, water conservation and environmental businesses, nuclear power plants and CHP plants, hydropower plants and power plant, gas supply and gas distribution facilities, facilities of defence, the interior ministry and penitentiary, areas of mining and border regions. If not these, razor wire manufacturers also sell the fences to people who want to protect their private facility areas, horticulture farms, suburban region, and often as mobile security barrier to particular area areas.

Razor wire fencing is made with stainless steel sheet and steel wire; hence it provides longer support and better service of protection. As these fences are made of stainless steel, therefore corrosion resistance is higher that fences made of other materials.

Razor wire fencing prices are based on a multiple factors.  While quality plays an important role in deciding the cost of these fencing wires, substantial effect of cutting, springy properties of perimeter, fence spiral and formidable physical barrier also get counted. Manufacturers produce razor wire fencing for temporary or permanent installation or on already existing fences.

With these, the raw materials like galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, stainless steel mesh, which are used in the production of razor wire fencing, also decides its cost. PVC coated razor mesh fencing is 100% corrosion resistant and survives in high humidity weathers without damaging the purpose.

The methods of installing razor wire fencing contribute significantly in deciding its prices. This type of wire is installed following a multiple method- concertina wire, flat wrap coil, spiral, twisted and welded razor mesh, electrified concertina wire, mobile razor wire security barrier, and mobile security barrier Prism are only to name a few.

Although razor fencing has very less chance of getting caught with rust and corrosion, it needs some maintenance. One of the most useful tools that come in fence maintenance is a volt meter or a fault finder. This tool helps in supplying proper voltage on a regular basis throughout the fence. A fault finder works as a tool that speeds up the repair process by indicating the direction of the problem.

While there are a number of benefits of electric razor wire, here is something to take care of before installing it-

The barb wire should never have any electricity passing through it. Barb wires are also not meant for making gates as gates should not have any electricity supply. Using copper wire is common when it comes to power supply. Copper also have a higher chance of getting corrosion, which does not match up the requirements of razor wire fencing.

Razor wire, being made of metal, acts differently in extreme climate conditions. While these fences, if installed in a hot and humid weather, have the chances of soften due to the heat and requires proper maintenance; in the winter season, one should not install the fence too tight. It has the chances of contracting and pulling out braces out of line.