While sweating can be good for you, it can also cause odor and that can make feel embarrassed in front of other so in order to avoid sweating too much in the summer, getting the Air Conditioning system should be on the top of your list. It is quite difficult when it comes to choosing the air conditioning system between the ducted or the split. There are also lots of options in the market. Though the initial investment will be slightly on the higher side the ducted system is worth you long term spending. Also, there are many important things to take care when you choose your AC system.


Are you not sure about what kind of air conditioning system will work best?


To make it clearer on which system you should go with here are some important reasons why you should prefer the ducted air conditioning system over split one:

  • Cooling throughout your home: When you have the normal split AC system they will allow you to cool one particular area where it has been installed. You need to keep the room door and windows closed when running AC. So, the idea is good if you want a single room to be cooled. But then you need to install split ACs in every single room and that can be very expensive. On the other hand, the ducted systems are able to cool the whole house for you. In this, a central unit is installed out of your sight like on the roof. Through the systems of ducts, refrigerated air is pumped in your rooms. So now with the ducted AC system, you do not have to worry about managing the temperature of every room.

  • Value for money: You might think that getting the split AC system can be cheaper than the ducted one. But when you consider buying the split system for every room that can add to your cost. Whereas the ducted system will cool the whole house and you just have to manage one single system in the same pricing, this is the value for money.

  • Good for cold and hot areas: Every house has some areas which are hot or cool then the remaining part of the house. It is very difficult to manage such problems. However, all such problems can be solved by the ducted air conditioning system as it provides a uniform temperature to the house.
  • Noise: This is the most common problem which most of the split AC owners face. Though the split systems are flexible they are too noisy. With the increasing technology, the companies are working on this drawback of such AC systems. But they are nowhere close to the ducted air conditioning system as they do not produce much noise. Also, one more thing is the outdoor unit in the ducted system is mostly on the roof so you do not get to hear the noise.

  • Aesthetics: The ducted systems are not just easy to handle but also add up to the beauty of your home. Whatever maybe the design of the split units they mostly do not complement your house looks. But with the ducted units on the grills are visible on the wall giving a stylish and sleek look to your home. They improve the overall value of your property.

With so many benefits in hand ducted air conditioning system is definitely the best option for your home. You can get more information on the same from good AC companies as they have experts who are able to help you with all the details on the same.