Church needs website in this media driven world but the cost factor can pull you back in having one created. However, you can request a quote from You may even think that sending tweets or sharing inspiring pictures on Facebook is sufficient.

Without high quality church website to support, your online strategy will be meaningless. Never overlook the significance of designing and maintaining quality minster website. In case, you own a church website then work on it to make it better.

Significance of Good Church Website

  • With revolution in digital platform, it is necessary to update your website
  • A church website is reported to be used majorly by the young, therefore make sure it is not old
  • There is no need to expend a lot
  • The website needs to include staff pictures and their titles. No information smells bad
  • If basic information is difficult to find then visitors lose interest. Ensure that vital items like contact information, faith statement, directions and service times are clearly visible
  • Sermons need to be archived
  • Provide sufficient information about childcare for parents check it first before they bring their children

According to statistics, posted on the internet 80% first time visitors to the church check your website and then make a visit. Many of them watch or download sermons because they cannot reach due to health or other issues.

Reasons to Integrate Church Website

Everything leads to your website

  • Your church gets to interact with people of your community through social media platform
  • Through social media, you can broadcast message to brand new audiences
  • Finally, all the paths lead back towards your church website
  • Readers click on Facebook photo or on tweets are redirected towards your digital hub

Therefore make sure to integrate social media and be prepared to welcome interested followers on your website.

Only your website presents a clear picture

People wish information that is easy to follow. You can make use of your website to display all the information related to your church, before curious people of your community. Social is incredible but is a rental place. You are not in control but with awesome website, you can keep readers engaged. It does not matter from which social channels, visitors come and go.


In the past, a new person migrating to your town would ask a neighbor or co-worker or take a random drive around to find the church. In this digital era, people will perform a Google search to find your church. If you have no website for your church then it will not be visible, when they search.

This new family will always be unaware about your church. With best SEO approach, your website will be found. The new family may find a tweet from church’s feed or YouTube video or through local searches.

Important tips

Consider having a mobile app created for the church because searches are made from mobile devices, a lot

Make sure that the website feels needs to blend with the church feel. For example, if the church is traditional then never design it in black but give it a fresh and authentic feel. People who looked at the church photo online may wonder if they are in the wrong building, when they visit the church in person.