Creativity has no limits and you can always give wings to your imagination! Regardless of whether you are writing a column or you are into decorating walls, windows, and doors with varying designs, all these aspects call for creativity. And when you have passionate people like Ashley Dawn Duffield to give you company and help businesses to grow, you can be assured that your company is sure to reach the heights. When you talk about Ashley Dawn Duffield, his introduction would not be complete unless Mariak is spoken about.

Mariak is a well known digital printing business firm that has been operating for decades and Ashley Dawn Duffield, is indispensable to the company. Mariak Industries was set up in the year 1986 by Leo and Patty Elinson. It has evolved for over 3 decades only to emerge stronger as a windows covering manufacturer and is one of the most sought after and popular names in United States.

The main strength of Mariak is its team that comprises more than 420 professionals that are actively involved in different spheres of company operations that include administration, sales, marketing, business development, and production. The prime areas that Mariak is engaged into includes Heat Transfer and Lamination, In-house Artwork Editing, Fire Retardant Ink Printing, Dye Sublimation, UV Printing, Solvent Printing, Cross Product Color Profiling, Ergosoft Printing Software, Image Printable Shade Fabrics, Option to choose from among 3 design libraries, and so on.

Rely On A Professional For Getting Quality  Marketing Strategies

Mariak offers state of the art printing services using digital technology, which allows you to customize designs depending on the fabric and shades you opt for.

As far as the services offered are concerned, the company has all its fingers into the pie and boast of offering several digital printing solutions, few of which are as follows-

  • Apparel Printing

  • Home Textile printing

  • Wallpapers

  • Film services

The ones mentioned above are just broad categories, which encompass detailed solutions for clients. Ashley Dawn Duffield is the sales development manager for apparel printing.

His role in business development and taking the sales figures to heights has been instrumental since the day he associated with Mariak. Aside from taking care of business development, he also takes care of the marketing campaigns and working out marketing and sales strategies that will benefit the entire company and the apparel section in particular under the Mariak flagship banner. Aside from supervising the sales and marketing figures, he is also responsible for interacting with old as well as new clients.

In the capacity of sales development manager, Ashley Dawn Duffield is a motivational and guiding force for his team and believes in teamwork. Also, if a client approaches him, it is his responsibility to cater to his requirements and work out ways that is best suited for the client. When it comes to Apparel printing, it is not just about bringing in business for the company but taking onus for the successes and failures too.