Religion was an integral part of life and existence centuries after A.D until few years back it started losing its importance. Not that God seized to exist; rather he is an omnipotent and omnipresent form of energy that one feels when having full faith in him. So what happened that people lost interest and faith in religion? What took its place? Is there any way to revive this lost faith in God amongst people?

Every human has to go through the cycle of happiness and grief, life and death. This is the inevitable and the only truth of existence. However, people expect God to solve the problems they initiated. Many look for easy means out of the problem, in probably the most outrageous and presumed easy ways.The value and importance of prayers is slowly vanishing into the thin air. This is mainly due to allure of worldly things and luxurious ways of lifestyle. Negative feelings like greed, jealousy, hatred, contempt have risen as a result of emergence of these lavish standards of living.

To wake the common person from the hypnosis of these illusions that promises happiness but only brings distress and dissatisfaction there are true men of God. These are the true believers and devoted followers of his words and sayings. Termed as prophets their role was to communicate the words of god to people, and now all the more is to revive their faith and love for God. Prophet TB Joshua running a Christian organization named SCOAN (the Synagogue Church of All Nations) has been the messenger of Jesus Christ. His has been great contribution in reviving faith and love for Him. Countless people attend his sessions where he shares the vision of Jesus in the Bible.

What has been more surprising and wonderful is his power of healing others through his prayers. He believes that when praying to the Almighty, he is worshipping Him on the behalf of the world and asks for everyone’s well-being and happiness. He is able to channelize the blessing he receives upon praying, to heal those in terrible and desperate health conditions. The church also proved that this prophet has been performing miracles on many who visit this church. His connection with God is so strong and profound, compared to which other ordinary people are barely able to connect with at all.

TB Joshua has been the miracle worker for whose blessings people travel from all over the globe. Many, who experienced positive changes in life after their first visit, came to visit it again and again. His prayed over anointing water, also delivered too many nations, is a way to share the blessings who are bed ridden, paralyzed or unable to travel to the SCOAN themselves. Many who carried it back home witnessed it miraculous element of saving them from deadly situations. It also helps get rid of demonic possessions.

Being a healer is no small job, and something, which requires immense energy to share it with other people. It is in order to retain and gain more energy he connects with God daily through prayers. He has faith in the Almighty while the people have faith in him.