The benefits of digital marketing have been long seen by companies who have been using it for a couple of years now. Most information these days are gained from some digital source, so there is an increase in the number of companies advertising online. Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers India are also gaining benefits by digital marketing, gaining buyers even in foreign countries.

The change:

The huge pharmaceutical industry of India is increasingly switching old ways of marketing with new ones. A recent survey has been conducted of the top drug companies in India and it has been seen that most of them are employing digital marketing to increase their consumer base. Improvement is happening not only in hospitals where modern technology and digitised data is being used, but also how medicines are sold. While previously it was a person buying doctor recommended drugs from the humble pharmacy down the lane, now things have changed. Big pharmaceutical companies are introducing exclusive apps as well as advertising on social media to attract attention to their brand. Most of you know about the chain of Apollo pharmacy or Glaxo app that helps people order medicines through an app and it will be delivered to you.

Advertisements also ensure that you know about products and their uses and buy it the next time you are suffering from an ailment.

Success strategy:

The same types of drugs are sold by all the pharma companies. For example, all of them manufacture drugs for fever. However, so far only one company used to have most of the sales. Through digitisation, both doctors and patients are becoming aware of the medicine of other companies. The strategy is something like, the companies spread awareness about a particular disease, say a viral fever, and they campaign about it. This is promoting their drug indirectly. These companies are also opening information portal where patients can find information about diseases and get help.

Sometimes they have precautionary measures, exercises and dietary recommendations that try give to the app user. This helps generate recognition for their brand and their products.

Future of Indian pharma companies:

Pharma is the main sector that will never back off, as health can’t be traded off. The Indian Pharma market is good to go to touch new skylines in the past few years. Digital technology will play a bigger role in the global pharma market. The expert report, pharma industry has large occasiones and is poised to grow to $24 billion by 2015, and would reach up to $55 billion in the next two years and also expected that would make 45,000 new occupations next year.

Fun competition:

Holding competition or contests for users online is a fun way to brand promotion. Recently a brand called Medica held a story writing competition for children, which made their brand known to quite a few parents. As the students participated they were offered free check up and other discounts which would encourage them to avail the services of that group. This kind of brand promotions is becoming very popular and has been proven to be successful. At least 1 in 10 people will be interested in trying out the services.


People flock to places that are convenient, nobody likes to call up to wait in a queue avail a doctor. Many companies have gone digital, like Apollo, who provide all information online as well as the diagnosis results are digitised for the patient to access it anywhere.

Gone are the days of holding gatherings or medical personnel going door to door to advertise products. It’s the dawn of digitisation and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers India know digital marketing is the path to popularity.