Figuring out how to secure your business’s premises is one of the most important decisions you’ll make if you want to stay in business. There are many threats to a storefront, a garage, or a factory that can cost your company thousands of pounds. Installing industrial roller shutters can help to secure your company’s assets and protect its future.

Roller Shutter Door Choices

Most roller shutters are available in either single- or double-skin options. A single-skin roller shutter is a basic door that can be used in places where security, noise, and insulation are not important. For instance, if you have a kiosk in a shopping centre, then security is usually not as important as it would be for a storefront or another business on a public street.

Double-skinned roller shutters in Staffordshire consist of two sheets of metal, usually aluminium, with insulation between them. This type of door provides more noise protection and will also keep the temperature in your building more consistent in the summer and winter months. Some double-skinned roller shutters are insulated for fire protection and the doors can be installed outside or inside of buildings.

Methods of Operation

How roller shutters are opened and closed will depend on the size and type of door. Single-sized, single-sheet roller shutters covering doorways can be manually operated either by physically pushing them up or down or by pulling a chain. Single insulated doors and double-sized roller shutters can have a belt-driven motor or be electronically operated to lift the heavy shutters.

Roller shutters come in a variety of colours and texture designs to enhance the appearance of your business. Along with preventing thefts, roller shutters can prevent glass damage to a storefront during bad weather and prevent the spread of fire and protect both your property and personnel.