The Samsung has got top most position all around the world. Every year Samsung is releasing a fresh device to the Samsung users. There are several popular Smartphone devices coming out in all countries like HTC, BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia and more.  Likewise the Samsung plans to release the new device known as Galaxy Note 5. The developer can release this future device along with some alteration in battery, size, design and software when compared to previous one.

Price And Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be launched in September month of 2015 but this is not yet confirmed. The Samsung users expect this future invention will be released in 2015. The cost of Galaxy Note 5 is not yet announced but the people expect the price rate of Galaxy Note may be $1200 or more than that. This price rate may be varied based on the internal design and external design of Galaxy Note 5. The people hope that the Galaxy Note 5 will receive big achievement due to their features and design. The main goal of the Samsung is to release superior device along with the latest hardware and software. Both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 were designed with aluminium body type. The Samsung users expect the same body type on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Expectations And Rumours

Storage Space, Memory And Display Range

The Galaxy Note 3 has 5.7 inch screen display and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the same display screen size like that of Note 3. Likewise the people expect the Galaxy Note 5 will have 5.9 inch screen display along with high quality display however this future device will also be bigger than the previous one. In addition, this new invention may have very flexible screen display along with YOUM. Usually the people will look about the system performance of device because this is most essential feature. The Samsung users expect the storage space of Galaxy Note 5 may have 4 Giga Bytes. The memory capacity of Galaxy Note 5 may have 64 Giga Bytes and 32 Giga Bytes and sometimes these can be expanded up to 128 Giga Bytes through the MicroSD card. This will give high performance when compared to Galaxy Note 4. The people can store wide range of files and folders through this memory space. The Galaxy Note 5 can have the same operating system with new version. The Android L operating system will be the new one in this device.

Camera And Battery Mode

The people hope that the Galaxy Note 5 can have 64bit core processor and the screen display can be 3840×2160 pixels along with AMOLED display monitor. This will offer high quality of vision display to the people. There will be two different types of camera sensors available in Galaxy Note 5. The rear camera can have 5 to 6 megapixel rates and the front camera can have 21 megapixel rates. This camera can deliver high quality and clarity images and the developer can use auto focus and LED flash display into this Galaxy Note 5. The customer expects the Galaxy Note 5 battery may have 4000 mAh and also have ultra battery save mode.