Most of the people waiting for the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone, after the release of Galaxy S5; the customers are getting more excited about future inventions of Galaxy S. They will expect this new generation to have a variety of performance and features. The previous model Galaxy S4 was launched very slowly along with more and more surprise thing, regarding their design. Newly Samsung S5 were launched, this got a top most place in the world market. It has more power and unbeatable one likewise the Galaxy S3 would be reaching the iPhone level. Therefore, Samsung plan to do something and they should have releasing mass hit spec that name is Galaxy S5. In this way people will hope a new Galaxy S6 reaches a big position in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Changes, Possibilities And Expectations
Release Date Of Galaxy S6

Now, so many people are looking for availability of new Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Price, usually Samsung will take one year gap to launch a Galaxy series. Some of the Samsung users will hope this new Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released in the year of 2014 in December month. But the Samsung developers would not give any information about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Every customer hopes this new generation of Galaxy S6 will be releasing in early date of 2015. But the Samsung Company requires more time to offer better and new Galaxy S Series. So, that reason people will expect the releasing date of new Galaxy series is 2015 in April month, but this is not sure, this is the assumption of users’ thoughts.

Price Rate Of Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 could be launched with advanced software and hardware. The Galaxy Note3 was launched with 770 USD price rate around many countries. Likewise, the Galaxy S5 was sold with 750 UDS price rate in early stage, but later this spec has been sold with a variety of discount offers, the people will hope the same thing happens in Galaxy S6 price rate. This is not confirmed, based on previous model and flexibility people will expect like this. The price rate of Galaxy S6 may occur in the price rate between 800 USD and &50 UDS.

Features Of Galaxy S6

Some customers can expect this new Galaxy to have 16core processor or may be Galaxy S7 will have 16-core. The developer can be used, some unique methods as previous one and they try to fetch same hardware device. This information is not sure, but the people are expecting these features due to previous models.  The Galaxy S5 is one of the first android mobile devices; it has sixty four bit processor along with the chipset. The rumors about Galaxy S6 are this device may be having sixteen core processor with the chipset. The customer will hope this new generation have 4 Giga Byte RAM and also have an extensive memory level. The developer will be releasing this new device with many features. In addition, they can use some same features of previous devices. It will expect to have an HD display with 5.2 inches, by offering high quality of performance, when compared to previous one. The previous device would have more features and high fast performance likewise the people will expect this new generation Galaxy S6 have very fast performance.