Samsung is the most popular Smartphone Company in the entire world. The popularity increased when the company launched its galaxy series. It fulfilled the demands of the customers. According to the statics galaxy series touched two hundred million sales. These results came out when Samsung released S5 and S6 and S7 were not included in the sales. Interest is elevating and curiosity is at its peak. Samsung is about to launch Samsung Galaxy S7. There are plenty of rumors going on around the market. We have gathered all the updates, rumors a, expectations and made an assumption based on that. Read on further to know more about the upcoming launch of the Korean giant.

Expected Release Date

We, till now there is no sign of the release date. No official announcements have been made so it is not confirmed when Samsung is going to launch its new flagship. But from the inside sources the Samsung strategy have been leaked and now we are having a list of the expected dates. So according to assumptions new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in the first quarter of 2016. This is due to the fact that the company has to keep a complete eye on its competitors. They are planning to respond to the competition aggressively. There are many a threat out of which apple is the major one. We have seen apple unsatisfied customers switching to Samsung. Therefore a strategy has been planned on the release of the next Smartphone.

Expected Features

This is the part consumers waiting for. There are huge expectations from Samsung. According to the sources apple is also planning to launch apple iphone 7 in the same quarter of the year. 2016 is going to be very excited for the Smartphone lovers. Two big releases with plenty of features and competition. Here are some expected features of Samsung Galaxy S7.


The Samsung will be featuring 4GB RAM and it is not a joke at all. This feature has also sparked the excitement of the people. All your office work can be done on this new Smartphone.


It will be the first android device to have 64 bit processor. This means improved speed, the common complaint of the Samsung users.

Features of the Smartphone

There are going to be improved and new features in the Smartphone. The phone will have thirty megapixel cameras. Now you will be able to take life like images like a pro with your Samsung Galaxy S7. It will have super amoled display 4K 5.5 inch display.

The phone is equipped with waterproof technology and will have five G network, infrared sensors and much more.


The cost of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be little out of the budget. There are some amazing features which deserves an expensive price tag. It is going to be high end device and a touch competitor in 2016. Till then we will have to be patient and calm.