Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series consists of mainly three formats of tablets depending upon the screen size and 8inches 3G version is pretty interesting as it features the voice-calling and other interesting functionality.

It is configured with Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB RAM and 16GB onboard storage memory and good news; it is expendable with microSD card as microSD card slot is present. Earlier, it was expected to see an IPS display in the Galaxy Tab 4 series but TFT Matrix is present, although the resolution is just HD 720p. And the camera configuration with 3.2MP is pretty low.

Under the powerful processor of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ 3G has a phenomenal battery capacity, and it would be great to do. Its lithium-polymer battery has a reserve of 4450 mAh.

At constant test capabilities of the device it will be enough for 8-9 hours. As it is the flagship, is not it? If Galaxy Tab 4 used in the medium load and the tablet will last more than 12 hours. If you would watch the video on the tablet at maximum brightness of the screen, then be able to enjoy it for five hours. Play the game? Relatively heavy battery options will be put in an average of 4.5 hours. In standby mode, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ 3G discharged through five days. So, the tablets battery performance is good enough.

If you are planning to buy, Galaxy Tab 4 and still confused then you must know that Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is Simple and affordable tablets are rarely provided with functions voice-calling. You do not often find it a good model, having a built-in 3G-module, and even in the small cute package. Yes, to find a huge range of what is necessary for you, that is a tablet that will come to your hi-tech-court in all respects, it is difficult, but possible. And suddenly this model – Galaxy Tab 4 8inches has build in 3G and gives flawless performance.

But clearly the tablet of Koreans was excellent – in its genre. Definitely the fact that the developers tried to create it and feeling like the old joke about the bearded faulty Christmas decorations, which glisten and sparkle, but not happy, fortunately, no. After all, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8″ 3G is good at appearance, functionality, including the ability of voice calling, battery life and performance. Yes, it is a good model for a good price and the point.

And still you can’t convince yourself to buy this tablet and want to wait more then we have good news, in the early 2015 we might see the official release of next generation Galaxy Tab series from Samsung, yes we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 and definitely it will come in all formats like 7,8 and 10 inches. And if Samsung manages to serve it at better prices then you would have your more affordable solution.