Samsung, the South Korean ElectronicsCompany is going to reveal all the specs of their upcoming Galaxy S7 next year may be in the first quarter of the year. Upto that time we have to wait with the entire buzz before the company’s announcement and declaration on its specs. The recent thing which has been in scene is the introduction of the pressure-sensitive screen, which was seen in the products of Apple such as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The rumor of pressure-sensitive screen in Galaxy S7 has popped up from some social networking site. It has been heard that Samsung has again thought of coming up with the technologies of Synaptic’sClearForce so as to get a better smart phone touch in its Galaxy S7. And the “ClearForce” technology will make your phone more responsive towards any kind of pressure on the screen. With this technology the level of pressure touch will be defined in a very better way by increasing the sensitiveness to a bigger and better platform.

This idea for Galaxy S7, we can say is an inspiration from the Apple. In the recent launch of Apple, it is known as the “3D Touch,” which is an input method to the phone with a pressure-sensitiveness which became the most attractive and genuine addition to the Apple products launched before some months and it made it a striking hit.

As we have seen that Samsung is not the first one to adopt this idea in it’s Galaxy S7, but last month it was seen that Huawei announced the Mate S with this technology, which is going to make it stand in the periphery of a high-end smartphone. The technology makes your gadget capable of differenciating between the in pressure and respond in accordance to the action inputted in the phone.Galaxy S7 will be having many rivals with the release of this gadget.

Galaxy S7 is also coming up with many new and better specs added to it. It is most probably seeking to have in it the essence and power of all new and better modifications. Like it is heard that this gadget is going to have a big RAM of 4 GB.

Another wonder of Galaxy S7 is the presence of infrared sensor, which can make your life go on an easy track with the increased technology.

So this Samsung phone Galaxy S7 is going to be the perfect choice for the one who is technology freak and geek. Anyways it is going to be the first one in the family of Samsung with such a feature and uniqueness. So wait some more to get a mode upgraded phone which can make you feel amazing with the super pressure sensitive touch with the effect of some super 3D technology to it. With this high technology you not only upgrade your phone but you also change the mode of your living in a better way with the new technology which can make your world turn on its own.