It is not just the push factor driven by their promotional and marketing activities that the firms would have to focus upon to ensure that they reap the maximum penetration in the markets. They would have to also be prepared for the pull factor wherein their future consumers may draw in interest upon their firms and the products offered by them. Therefore, while they set up the head offices in the certain place by investing huge amounts of funds to have their own spaces, or even rent out the necessary space to ensure that they provide the necessary desks for those who would be working from these office spaces. However, when they go to the new locations around the world and establish their branches in the new countries, it is not required by them to reinvest the huge amounts of funds. Instead they can cut down the costs of the overheads and utilize the same funds to the various other marketing and promotional activities.

Real Estate

Every person would agree unanimously that one of the hugest costs that are incurred during running the business is to ensure that there is an office space that would enable the persons to come and conglomerate in one place. With the teams set up in these spaces, the overheads of the huge investments and locked up funds, or the regular operating expenses in the form of the rentals would have to be spent by the companies. Instead, in the new locations, they can hire a few dependable resources and transform their homes into the offices. They can also have the virtual offices and the co-working options that would reduce the real estate costs to a great extent. These can improve upon the process efficiency while cutting the costs without affecting the personnel or other resources at all.


The persons who are deployed in the new markets would have to be given the best of the training, so as to ensure that they are able to do the tasks assigned to them as independently as possible in their profession. With the right support from the head office, the persons can do lots of things that they would have promised to their markets and iron out the constraints in form of the communication. When the resources would have to be meeting together for various reasons, they can either video conference through their smart phones or even come together at the rented out board rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate them in a proper manner.


Even in the knowledge economies, the business cycles exist and these are influenced by the various things in the economy. Therefore, each of the firm would have to brace up in cutting down their costs by not firing their staff, but to cut the unnecessary expenses. These proper virtual office and working from home options would cut down the overheads, while at the same time would not affect the companies from achieving the productivity and efficiency as much as they would have expected.

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