Electricity bills aren’t welcome in any home because we hate the idea of spending money. But, what if there were some simple ways which you could comfortably incorporate into your regular routine and save lots of money on electricity? Does this sound hard to believe? But it’s completely true. Also, the idea of reducing the consumption of electricity doesn’t always mean you need to compromise. Sometimes, all it needs is a little planning.

Here are some simple tips that will help you reduce your overall consumption of electricity:


It’s important that you maintain all your appliances if you want them to work efficiently. Yes, even dust can hinder the performance of appliances and force them to use additional power.

Turn off

When it is dark, you don’t forget to turn on a light, but it’s very easy to forget to turn off a light when you’re leaving the same place. Try to make this into a habit for each and every member of your family. This will help reduce your overall consumption of electricity quite a bit.

Switch to LED’s

LED’s are the latest trend to take the world by storm. They have been engineered in a way that they give you a much brighter light with lower power consumption. Yes, you will need to pay a little extra for LED’s upfront, but if you consider the long run, you will end up saving more money than you spend for sure.

Smart lighting

For the people who can afford the initial investment involved, switching to smart lighting solutions is a great idea. Apart from making your life so much more convenient, these solutions even give you the ability of controlling lighting using your smartphone irrespective of where you are.

Optimizing usage

Try and make a simple rule. Ensure all members of your household optimize the usage of all appliances. For example, if you’re doing laundry, do not operate the machine until it’s been loaded to its full capacity. Even something like keeping your air conditioner clean and sealing off vents in order to prevent the cool air from escaping will help in reducing wastage to quite a large extent. You should also promote improved air flow within your house so that you minimize the need for the air conditioner. Something as simple as running your air conditioner one degree higher than normal can result in huge savings.


There is no reason why you have to spend a lot of money on electricity. You use the most appliances in the summer and that’s why it’s the summer months where you can save the most. With the above tips, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.