Michelle is gravely worried. She has been in this state for weeks. She wants her daughter Kristen to know the true story of her paternity and the struggles from which she came forth. She is scared Kristen who is just 13 will not understand her point of view if the truth was revealed to her now. She wants to keep the secret, but only wants her child to know the facts when she becomes old enough. Her major concern is that she may not be here when Kristen becomes a woman and is mature enough to hear the story. She carries a long face everywhere, even at work, brainstorming on what to action to take… Then one good lunch break, on a bright Tuesday afternoon, she stumbles on her old classmate at the cafeteria, who coincidentally introduces her to Wesabox. From that moment and in a few minutes, her heart was gladdened and she broke into a smile, which had eluded her for weeks!

Just like Michelle, every one of us, you inclusive has a confidential information they wish to share with a special person when we are no longer available. This could be a secret, an apology, and details of where valuables are hidden or even a ground breaking revelation! This is where the expertise of our dedicated team of professionals at Wesabox comes in. At Wesabox.com , we offer every individual the revered opportunity of keeping whatever information they want securely safe and encrypted on our network, only being revealed to the person(s) of your choice when you are no longer available. All this at no cost.

To get started with Wesabox.com is quite simple! Kindly visit Wesabox.com to create an account. After this, type in the information you will like to be kept confidential. This is followed by the name of the trustees, who are people or a person who is permitted to access the information saved at Wesabox when you are unavailable. Your trustees, can be anybody as long as they are the ones you want to see what you have saved on Wesabox. You then choose a time frame, which signifies the period to respond in cancelling a request whenever a trustee wishes to access the stored information. The files are then encrypted and saved for life, awaiting when the trustee decides to access the saved information, which has been kept for them to view when you are unavailable. When he or she does this, the individual who created the Wesabox account is alerted, and has the option of cancelling the access request, within this time period. If however, there is no cancellation, the trustee is granted access to the saved information, after it has been decrypted.

Why Use Wesabox.com ???

  • Rest of mind knowing that your secrets are safe and stored in secured servers
  • Confidence that your information are encrypted, thus cannot be hacked
  • Only trustees have access to saved data
  • You can make unlimited changes to whatever is stored on Wesabox
  • Can prevent trustee(s) from accessing saved content beforehand
  • Unlimited space in saving your confidential details
  • No subscriptions, no hidden costs and service is free!