Security guarding companies provide armed and unarmed security services to the private as well as public clients. Guarding and patrol services, bodyguard, parking security personnel are some examples of the services being provided by the security guarding companies.

They are also often denoted as security contractors. According to a recent study, the United Kingdom is the largest consumer of the private security services. This security industry is growing at a faster pace and is estimated to rise over by 21 % in the upcoming year, mostly by the year 2020.

The advantages that security can provide to the people

When the demand is for additional security, entities like businesses, offices, startups, banks, and other firms prefer opting for such kind of services. It does not matter if a business is big or small, it may face theft or crime occurring within their premises. Hiring the security guard services greatly reduces this fear. It is one of the best ways to protect a business from the unscrupulous people. In addition, the security guards provide some additional benefits for a business as well as residential neighbourhood. The security guards monitor the activities curing in the premises through the video all over the day which help them locate any mishappenings at any place within the premises. Such kind of full time security lets the employees and other executives work without any kind of anxiety about the external theft or attacks.

The presence of the security guards by default acts as a theft restraining action. When a firm has employed someone watching over the business, the complete staff employed in the premises and the neighbourhood will be benefited and stay secured.

Security guard services really help in deterring any crime happening in a building or residential community. When an unscrupulous vandal is aware of the specific places that are the supervision of the security guard and are digitally covered through the CCTV surveillance by security guards, there is less possibility of any criminal activities happening on the property.

Security guard services can also help in monitoring the incomings and outgoings of the people in the condo building or residential community. They maintain a register that has entries and sign of all the visitors to the building or neighbourhood. This helps them to monitor the grounds and other premises and take prompt actions whenever required.

With the police department, it takes longer time to get help from. In case of a private security guarding companies can promptly and proactively respond to any give situation. For example, if there is a rowdy customer who was becoming aggressive, the police will take approximately 15 minutes or more to arrive at the exact spot to resolve the problem. By this time, the customer who was causing problems could be long gone. On the other hand, in case of a private security firm, they will be able to respond within minutes. There will be nothing to worry if the police take too long, if an ideal security team can provide private security presence on the important premises. Therefore, the security guards are always aware and in control of a given situation.