PROPERTY RECORDS INC – The best thing that can happen is buying a new home and selling the old one at the same time. But in reality, things don’t happen this way, especially when dealing with a full-time job and kids. You might be in a bigger house now but the other house in a different state needs to be sold. Selling from thousands of miles away can be tough, especially when money is tight and time is out the door.

To successfully pull off the sale you will need an A-team on your side.  In this article, we at Property Records Inc will cover how you can get the job done. We’ll also cover how to minimize accidents and avoid going back-and-forth—so your A-team can wrap things up with ease.

#1 – Take the Time to Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent That Can Handle the Distance

Every city has real estate agents but not all can handle the distance. The agent should have experience in coordinating clients remotely and have it sold as soon as possible so it won’t have to sit on the market. Hire an agent that doesn’t waste time reselling and flipping properties.

“The best advice I can give you is to go to one of bigger real estate firms like Century 21, Simon Property Group, Annaly Capital Management or AvalonBay Communities, you want a realtor with years of experience under his or her belt,” says Franco Mancoz, a realtor in Los Angeles, CA.

Mancoz says, “Inexperienced home sellers think that a realtor with the most listings with his name on it will be the best fit but that’s not always the case because those properties are not sold yet, you need to find a realtor that knows how to handle buyer-side sales, that’s the secret”

#2 – Hire a Stager to Make Your Property More Appealing

DIY staging is one of those things that you need to leave it to the professionals, remember that the goal here is to sell the property as soon as possible and an interior designer will do just that.

Every home needs a little face-lift from an interior designer, it can make or break a deal,” says Mancoz

#3 – Double Check That You Can Close a Sale From Out of State

The last thing you want to find out at the last minute is that you can’t close a deal from out of state. Double check with your real estate realtor about the current laws, due to fraud and scams the rules have gotten tougher. Keep in mind that you will have to be present during the closing, so plan in advance.

When selling out of state things get a bit tougher, most states require the seller to be present during closing while other states only require notarized documents,” says, Mancoz.

#4 – Supply the Proper Paperwork and Documents to Your Team Ahead of Time

Avoid going back-and-forth by making sure your team has the proper documentation and paperwork to close the deal. Also, let them know about each other. The last thing you want is to waste time.

The best way is to hire your team in the same city or surrounding city where the property is located, this way they’re able to contact one another and exchange documentation in person if needed,” says Mancoz.

#5 – Frequently Check on You’re A-Team

Checking on your team frequently is key to selling your out of state property in a reasonable time. Once they start working with each other it’s time to sit back and let them do what they do best.

“By surrounding yourself with an A-team you trust, you’ll make your life easier. Take advice from them, listen to them” says, Mancoz.