If your team is always on the move, it might feel impossible to have everyone reading and working on the same file at the same time. However, that’s no longer the case with smartphones. With file-sharing apps, everyone on your team can share files and make changes, even if they’re not in the office. Many apps will also provide real-time updates on who has added, deleted, or edited files. Plus, these updates automatically sync so your team always sees the latest version.

Hold Virtual Meetings

Another great way smartphones can help keep your team members connected, even if they’re in different cities, is with virtual meetings. As long as all team members have a mobile video chat app on their phones, they can participate in virtual meetings and stay current with projects and deadlines. However, virtual meetings aren’t just good for staying connected with other team members. Your team can also use them to connect with customers at any time.

Make a Digital Copy of Business Cards

Whether your team members are attending a networking event, conference, or meeting a new client, they’re likely gathering plenty of business cards. Make sure those business cards don’t get lost or damaged by creating a digital copy of them with your smartphone. There are several apps available that can do this for you. For example, CamCard is a free app that uses the camera on your phone to scan in business cards and store the contact information. You can even add notes to the contacts so you remember important details from your conversations.

Provide Personalized Customer Service

With a smartphone, your team can provide personalized customer service to all clients, whether they’re new or they’ve been working with your company for years. Your team members can use their phones to get access to CRM data about a customer’s order history so they know exactly what types of new products to offer to each customer.

Before a meeting, your team members can also use their phones to do a little research about each client to learn personal information, such as a favorite sports team or where the client was born. With this information, they can create a connection with the client and increase the chances of making a sale.

Take Advantage of New DIGITS Technology

DIGITS is new technology from T-Mobile that lets you use one phone number across multiple devices or have multiple numbers on a single phone. With this latest advancement, your team members can connect multiple devices to one phone number to make sure they never miss a call from an important client.

They can also tie multiple phone numbers to one device. For example, they can have their office number also ring on their smartphone. Plus, when you use this feature on the Galaxy S8 from a reliable provider like T-Mobile, your team can take advantage of the fast 4G LTE network and nationwide coverage to always stay connected.

Get Customer Signatures

Sometimes it seems like the hardest part of negotiating a contract is getting the actual signature. When papers need to be printed, signed, scanned, sent to the customer, printed again, signed one more time, and then sent back to you, valuable time is wasted, and one mistake in the process can create a major setback. However, with a smartphone that has an electronic signature app, your clients can sign contracts and paperwork no matter where they’re located. This way, the faster the contract is signed, the sooner your team can begin working on the next project.

From sharing files to combining phone numbers, if you’re looking to utilize the power of your team’s smartphones, consider some of these new techniques.