Working memory is used to refer to process that involves the manipulation of information which is stored by brain’s short term memory. This memory is utilized by children for the learning process, especially for following multiple step directions and doing math problems. It is common for children to face issues related to their working memory. Are you wondering whether your child is also suffering from such issues? Look for signs. Does your child experience difficulty in remembering information when she/he is involved in another task?

Memory technique program

If your answer to the above question is yes, then it is likely that your child is indeed facing trouble with his working memory. But there is no need to worry as you can easily help your child in dealing with this problem by following few easy steps. Acting as memory boosters, these steps help in enhancing brain’s executive function. It can also be helpful to enroll your child in a memory technique program. Meanwhile let’s look into these steps for starters!

Improve Visualization

Brain’s visualization process can be improved by following a simple technique. Encourage your children to create pictures of what they are reading in their mind. Next, ask them to vividly describe the picture formed in their mind to you. Better, you can even ask them to draw out their imagination on a paper!

Extract Explanations

Explanation involves making sense of things via the information stored. Encourage your children to give you a detailed understanding of any new skill that they may be learning at school. It could be something as complex as learning to play a new sport.

Indulge in Visual Memory Exercises

Encourage your child to play matching games. You can also utilize online resources for such exercises. The internet is replete with visual memory games that aim to enhance memory.

Simple Card Games

Card games are very helpful in resolving working memory issues. By playing simple games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, etc, not only does your child learn to remember the rules, she/he also practices retaining information about the cards.

Leverage Active Reading

Active reading strategies like reading out aloud, making notes while reading, etc., are a great way to enhance the child’s long term memory capacity. Encourage your children to read more and ask them questions while reading.

Make use of Multi Sensory Strategies

For your children to improve upon their working memory effectively, it is essential that they get involved in memory-enhancing strategies that aim at using many senses all at once.

Above tips when followed on a regular basis should help immensely in improving your child’s working memory. But if you still see your child lagging behind and don’t have the patience, then it is best that you enroll them in a comprehensive Memory Technique Program.