Sometimes it takes long time to understand the perfect technique to do photography. Usually people invest too much of time to become a perfectionist in taking pictures and editing methods.

Smartphone is a best device for taking photos and videos as it is equipped with the excellent hardware, latest software and is also user friendly. People who are keen to understand the best and easy techniques to take perfect photos from the Phone should follow the below mentioned tips to improve their capabilities of shooting photos.

Always use the Grid to Set-up

Sometimes while taking pictures from phone, the image produces wobbly photos in which the horizon slants by mistake. By switching to the gridlines, this error can be eliminated as the grid imposes different lines on the screen of the Camera Lens and makes it very easy for the user to compose photos. Earlier this feature was to be set from the settings option but now phone companies have made it easy by installing this feature in the camera app itself. Grid lines produces more straight appearing photos. These grid lines can also be used as rule of third guide that helps to frame the image perfectly for the shot.

Switch On Auto HDR

The best technique to enhance the picture quality of the photos taken from phone is to switch on the HDR mode. It gives a high definition resolution to the image by merging bright, normal and dark exposures. HDR opens the ultimate ends of the spectrum and helps in getting details of the missing elements, while taking pictures from normal mode. Keeping the HDR mode On is not always advisable as it can result in getting non-realistic photos. There is an Auto HDR feature in the phone that automatically switches on and off when it senses the requirement for the same.

Getting Stable Support

Steady support of the hand is the most important part of shooting good quality photos. To overcome the situations, where there is a probability of low light, it is always advisable to use Tripods. It helps to keep the phone stable as well as can be installed at low heights for better light focus on the photo. Other than this, any object like table or a ledge can be placed below the phone to give it a steady support.

Take Extra Care while Shooting Live Photos

In the new models of the Smartphones there is an additional feature for live photos. In this, it takes few seconds for video to start and end. If this feature is used in a proper way, then it can give better output. It is usually on always but it is advisable to switch it on while moving or taking photos of a sport or a moving vehicle etc. Always be careful while taking live photos as they consume lot of space.

Best use of Photo Apps

Normally when we want to click an image faster we use the preinstalled camera app from the shortcut app usage feature in the smartphone as it is only a swipe away, but there are some apps that also help in enhancing the picture output, such as ProCam app which provides a rich and customized image as compared with the normal camera app. It can edit and alter the picture with the different modes available in it such as, night mode, face detection etc. It can take good photo even in the difficult conditions. There is another app VSCO cam that is equipped with the best image editing options and filters. Apart from giving best photo VSCO cam also has its own sharing option wherein the images can be shared with its Grid service. Another camera app is Darkroom that allows to create customized filters that does not need picture importing. It is a good time saver and provides storage too. This app also has nifty slider system that judges the photo and provides updates on it.

Better Night Vision Photos

At night time the usage of flash should be done wisely. Some smartphone companies have introduced Exposure slider which automatically pops up for more brightness, when there is a focus on the image, as only slider has to be moved up and down depending on the situation. More exposure brightens the photo as shutter stays open for more time to give more light to the photo sensor which will in return provide a brighter image in the dark.

Usage of Olloclip Accessory

Olloclip is an accessory that can be attached with the Phone while taking photos. Actually it is a lens that can be attached on the top of the original phone camera and provides a unique experience of visual quality of the photos. It has 4 in 1 quality of fisheye, wide angle, Macro 10X and 15X. It gives great picture output while shooting landscapes with its wide angle view.

Your smartphone can help you get professional quality photographs, but all you need is little skills and lots of tricks. Apply above tricks and enjoy photo clicking!

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