Whatever the designs you have in mind for your remodeling project, there are 5 things which it certainly must have. Without these things, your remodel is never going to be perfect. Make sure all of these things are included in your remodel so that you don’t start missing them later on:


A remodeled basement can get a little stuffy if there isn’t sufficient airflow. You need to prioritize the installation of working ventilation shafts which would make the remodeled area far more comfortable to live in. Even if you are planning on using air conditioning, having sufficient air passageways is important in order to let fresh air in especially while you are remodeling the basement.

Heating and insulation

The design and layout of your remodel needs to be livable in both cold and hot climates. Underground rooms tend to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, your remodel should account for extreme climates too. You need to have sufficient insulation measures to encompass the floors, walls and windows. You should also incorporate the heating system from the rest of your home into the basement during the remodel.


You should consider adding a toilet, bathroom and sink to your basement. This way, people will not have to keep running up and back down just because they want to use the WC. Get the bathroom installed early on in the remodel so that you can have the plumbing system installed at the right time during the remodel.


If electrical appliances are a part of your remodel, allocate sufficient wiring and electrical plugs to be able to accommodate these devices. Ensure you hire a qualified electrician for all this work including the wiring installation.


Before you start thinking about installing lights in your basement, try to take advantage of any natural sources of light. Remember how the sun’s positioned in the winter months so that you can allow more heat and sunlight into your basement in the cold winter months. And when it comes to installing lights, make sure you install enough of them. You could consider using embed lights in order to make the area look larger too.


Before beginning any remodel, you need to make sure there’s a good waterproofing system in your basement. Flooding, leaking or moisture can occur if you don’t install a good system before the remodel starts especially in the case of homes in areas that experience frequent rains or are located near water bodies.


A basement remodel can help you convert a boring storage space into the ideal living space. But whatever you decide your project is about, be sure to keep these things in mind. This will guarantee a successful remodel that everyone will be satisfied with.