Furniture design trends have changed quite a bit over the last few years with more and more people looking at increasing the value of their house. Some people want their new furniture to complement their renovation project and help increase the market value of their home. For others, they just want to make everything more convenient and comfortable. Whatever your motivation, the most important thing here is to have a desire to add personality and luxury to your home furniture design. Now, let’s take a look at a few furniture design trends:

Luxury modern

This design style has clean lines and an open feel to it. The emphasis here is placed on luxury material. Quarry tiles are preferred over vinyl or laminate, leather is preferred to synthetic and metallic accents are preferred to chrome. While this furniture does retain unadorned, sleek contemporary decorating lines, natural materials like leather and wood, are more commonly featured. Glass is used frequently too for coffee, end and dining tables mainly so that you can better showcase various statement decorative objects.

Eclectic style

The main focus here is on rich colors, textures and materials instead of on any single decorating style. Furniture might be purchased in a set, but it isn’t like that the set is grouped together. The pieces may just end up in different parts of a home and act as unifying elements which tie a design together. Even though most decorating styles try presenting a cohesive whole, here each piece raises interest individually.

Eclectic furniture might have an unusual shape, fabric or design. When shopping for this style, it is important to search for lush fabrics, interesting forms and decorative detailing. Don’t just search by decorating style either. You can search by material or color as well.

Old world style

There is a new trend for presenting interiors which look like they have been developed over time. This has a lot of homeowners very excited. This style features some quality house furniture which looks like it’s been handed down through the generations. Leather is the main star here. Furniture such as loveseats, sofas, ottomans, etc. crafted with fine leather give home decor a feeling of history.

Earth tone palettes are favored here. Surfaces like marble, wood and leather which offer texture and depth are preferred to gleam and shine. Fine upholstery, textured walls and heavy fabrics for window treatments are another hallmark of this style.


The various trends of furniture design are leaning towards such styles which allow for personal expression and lay emphasis on quality fabrics, construction and materials. Searching online stores for the latest trends is more convenient that wandering through furniture stores. So browse through stores today in order to find the latest designs.