When it comes to home safety and security products, the last decade or so have truly been a revolution. With advances in all sorts of lighting, monitoring and electronics, new devices and products are now readily available in the marketplace. Here is a brief look at a few of the latest innovations you could consider for your home:


We all are familiar with the cleaning robots which have been around for a while now. But now, they are finally available as home safety and security tools too. For example, there is this new robot called “Buddy” which is being marketed as your home companion. It comes with a screen on its face which can be used for monitoring a number of tasks. You can programme it to patrol your house when you aren’t around. You can also use it to monitor unusual activity in and around your house. The robot uses facial recognition and can even alert you of any intruders. It can be used for a number of safety tasks as well. If you think you forgot to turn the stove off when you left home, you can simply log into the robot using your smartphone and use its camera to look around. It’s also a terrific safety device and can monitor your home for temperature changes, fires, floods, etc. and send alerts when anything is detected.

Motion detection

Another great advancement when it comes to home security is motion detection. Even though this technology has been around for quite some time now, it is only in the last few years that it has been used in a number of security and safety products. You can find various motion detection surveillance and lighting products which can monitor a particular area constantly and turn on whenever something moves. This is really handy and can not only help you feel secure but can also save electricity.

LED lighting

The last great innovating we are going to deal with here is LED (light emitting diode) lighting. The biggest advantage these lights have is their small size. Apart from this, they use less energy while giving off more light as compared to traditional lighting types. You will see them being used more and more in lighting products nowadays. They don’t just help you save money but will also illuminate your home better. Burglars tend to stay away from homes that are well illuminated. These lights will certainly go a long way in keeping you safe.


So if you are considering a home remodel in the near future. Perhaps you should consider incorporating the above mentioned innovations in your home too? They will definitely let you sleep peacefully at night.