Before the period of Christ people believe that there is some unseen super natural power looking after the entire world. This can be anything but scientifically one can assume that the power is nothing but positive energy and vibration. Such energy is spiritual and powerful and can flow from one object to other object as it is in the form of waves. In Japanese treatment this energy is referred as “Chi”. World has started with only one word and vibration that is “Om”. This is the source for everything in this world. Human body gets energy from external positive sources. This energy flows through all the chakras and each organ stays active with this energy. If flow of energy is stopped due to some disturbance then body feels tiered and gets prone to many physical and mental disorders. This is how external looking body structure is associated with spiritual energy. Idols in the temple places look gracious because of the positive vibrations flown into it from the ardent and innocent prayers of all disciples.

People think that the idol has healing power in fact it is not the power of idol but, the positive vibrationsof us, which is making the idol powerful. The long explanation about the association of spirituality and human physic is to demonstrate the power of waves and energy. The Reiki Massage is purely based on the concept of energy or Chi. It treats the body and mind through the ways of proper message to make the energy flow into all the chakras indirectly through all the organs of the body. The chakras are different points in human body. They are actually spiritual chakras addressed with many names in different languages. In each chakra energy is produced to heal many problems in the body. This massage is actionable to activate the passive chakras and helps to release energy for healing purpose.

Strength of Reiki massage

Modern medicines may fail to treat some disease but, Reiki therapy has attained success in treating almost all the disorders. In fact it is a touch therapy for those with whom physical interaction is allowed. Treatment can happen without touching and from any place. Reiki was not popular for many years though the initiation is from ancient ages. Recently it is getting popularity due to natural healing techniques. It is actually looks like message but the technique and the method is completely different from normal massage. With this massage the energy is circulated throughout the body and reenergizes the passive organs. By default it gives the feel of activeness and energizes the body due to soothing massage. It gives physical ailment and allows emotional ailment too.

It has power the decrease anybody pain. People prefer to go for this massage after surgeries to avoid post surgery medication. Some people prefer to go for this massage if they have body ach and try to avoid antibiotics and pain killers. This can be an alternative for many modern medicines, which causes side effects and lowers immunity. Not only in case of pain but, during healthy condition of body still a person can go for Reiki. This is for getting relaxation and comfort from hectic schedule. The strength of Reiki can be discussed or understood by going through the experiences shared by many people in different websites. It clarifies most of the doubts and helps to be confident about this special massage. Causes for mental illness may be physical sickness and cure for illness is to destroy the root of physical sickness. This medicine is powerful enough to destroy the root cause of the disease.