People are spending more time Writing from home making money online. There is no doubt that modern companies now understand a dominant online presence adds value to the Company. Hence, they seek Freelance writers every day to write for them. To polish your freelance skills and prosper in this lucrative niche, has assembled the best tools to help you succeed earning more writing online.

Whether you’d love to work full-time, part-time or per project basis and you want to make more money working from home, below are tips on how to succeed working and making money online.

If you are passionate about making money with a writing job from home, it is one of the best options for starting your freelance business. You can write about things you love and move crowds with your content.

Start Working At Home How To Earn Money Writing Online



Content and inbound marketing have expanded the horizons for demand for greater content widely used as part of a company’s marketing strategy. As demand continually rises, so does the demand for freelance Writers and their incomes.

How your writing job from home could pay you more?

Current Pay Scale – On average:

Experience Rate per 500 words Rate per Word
  Generalist Specialist Generalist Specialist
Inexperienced $50.00 $100.00 10 cents 20 cents
Some Experience $100.00 $200.00 20 cents 40 cents
Experienced $150.00 $300.00 30 cents 60 cents

(data thanks to the Lizard Queen over at

Quick statics indicate there is soaring demand for content writing each day.

62% of businesses online outsource content to freelancers.

They want writers and they are looking for them every day.

86% – Want to use your work in their content marketing campaigns. This in turn leads to an increase in demand for writers to write content for these companies rise.

97% – Indicates the surge in leads in the wake of content marketing, article and blog writing. Meaning, businesses are performing well as a result of your great writing efforts.

How to Become a Top Earning and Successful Freelance Writer

As online businesses continue expanding, passionate writers admiring the freelance landscape have an awesome opportunity to make money writing online. All you need is to master the unique art of creating great content that sells and keeps visitors coming back for more. Moreover, stay abreast with industry trends since quality content must also be relevant.

Why Work Online as a Freelance Writer

Though the vast web offers varied types of content, only great content can turn visitors into customers. Get paid writing for leading websites that pay even more. If you wish to fuel your desire and venture into the flourishing online writing realm, has an awesome collection of helpful articles and different ideas about making money online.

Good Paying Jobs for Beginners

You can earn a lot of money working as an editorial assistant, social media content editor, content curator, Blog posting, design and illustration, news editor, etc.

Did you know a simple bog post earns between 5 cents to 50 cents a word? Most beginners are paid for their blog post beginning 10 cents a word. So, don’t expect a 5 cent per word pay.

Where to find Best Paying Writing Jobs

The web has thousands of great writing platforms to begin your writing career. There are many sites with different writing jobs that will offer you more flexibility and help you build experience. Top sites include freelance, blogging pro, media bistro, fwj. Freelance writing gigs, pro blogger, etc.

Quick tips on how best to approach prospective clients

  • Always act quickly and express your interest in the job.
  • Follow the instructions keenly not to miss any steps
  • Know how to sell yourself best. Appropriate personal branding is an essential element of modern freelance writing.
  • Write well and deliver great content that captivates the readers.
  • Demonstrate great understanding of the topic

Making a proper first approach and working hard to deliver quality results as expected creates a stable bond and relationship. Working with people for a long time helps you build your career and learn new things. Always use those tips to approach new prospective clients.