The serviced apartments are fulfilling the demand of people through the short stay letting that it provides. The people that range from various walks of life avail of the facilities to meet their requirements when they are putting out in a foreign city outside their known territory. To incorporate the feel of being home away from home along with the facilities that come close to being home or even go beyond that is a challenge that serviced apartments take up.

Staying Solutions For All Through Serviced Apartments

As a Substitute:

A stay in hotels was the most conventional form of putting up during a stay in a city in the earlier days. This soon gave away to the need for a stay which would offer something more other than the typical hotel facilities. A longer period of stay in a hotel would not provide the comforts in the desired way.

Popularity Index:

The popularity index of serviced apartments has caught on with the tastes and likings of the people. The result is reflected in the number of apartments that are spreading like a wildfire in almost every city in the world. The serviced apartments in Kensington in the United Kingdom are an example of such apartments.

London as a Destination:

The British capital city of London is teeming with a population of any other major cities in the world. A host of attractions offered by the city of London through its many locations ensures a constant trickle of visitors and tourists and even people seeking work or on work-related assignments throughout the year. Serviced apartments in prime areas of London such as Kensington, Westminster, Covent Garden, and Mayfair all have their apartments booked throughout the year.


The serviced apartments pose as an excellent staying alternative either during a short stay over the weekend or even during relocation to a newer home.

Interiors of an Apartment:

The serviced apartments that are at times rated as 4-star apartments offer features such as fully fitted kitchens and equally well-furnished interiors. The apartments range from single or double rooms to penthouses.


Serviced apartments in spite of putting up such great offers and facilities, it tends to save a lot when compared to hotels. For instance, it has been surveyed, London hotels tend to charge up to 30% more than serviced apartments. The reason from blue chip corporate companies to individuals, many prefer serviced apartments over hotels.

Other Amenities:

Apart from the latest in-house electrical components for personal amenities, the presence of concierge services, a 24-hour helpline, round the clock security through closed circuit television monitoring all adds up to the features of serviced apartments. All of the facilities and features a true value for money option.