On average, a man’s skin is shaven 6000 times throughout the course of a man’s lifetime. Based on this, it is important that men take care of their skin to avoid the premature aging of their skin. They also need to look good for as long as they can. Shaving beards is a man’s thing, and most of them start shaving when they reach 15. Today, many shaving brands are available, such as Gillette, Braun, Phillips, etc. and these companies are trying their best to deliver cheap electric razors within the best possible price. Instant Grooming showed there are certain basic principles that all men must know about their skin and the way they can contain any shaving anomalies. Generally, the act of shaving is not actually difficult, but the skin type is often a problem. In case you have done the shaving inappropriately, you may end up appearing bloody and having irritated skin.

Here is how to get it right from the outset. Before starting, shave in the shower. The warm water will open the facial pores, an action which promotes a shave that is closer and better. Also, the chances of having nicks and cuts will be low if your skin gets warmed up from hot shower water.

It is time to get started:

Step 1: Exfoliate

It helps to get rid of dead skin cells, thus lifting stubble and giving a shave that is closer. This leaves the skin smooth and gives an appearance that seems properly groomed. A wild-crafted skin renewal gel is effective as far as shaving is concerned.

Step 2: Preparation of Canvas

You have to use a vitalising shaving gel, which is a combination of shaving crème and pre-shave skin oiling. It can help you to have a smooth shave, and avoid nicks and cuts. Simply apply the cream and work it to lather before you can start shaving.

Step 3: The Shaving Part

The best razor is one that achieves optimum results without having to push too hard. Although many products are capable of achieving this, it is usually advisable to go for Gillette M3. The use of a brush is also recommended because it helps to lift bristles to pave way for a closer shave. Your hands can also be of great help.

Step 4: Use Vitalizing Gel

If you are having nicks and cuts, the use of a wild-crafted vitalising gel is always recommended. This is because it leaves behind an oil rich residue on your skin, which disinfects your skin after the shaving process gets completed.

Step 5: Moisturising the Skin

This is a must and it must be done shortly after you have finished showering. You have to use a Ginseng hydrator that fits your skin. There are different Ginseng hydrators for every type of skin, including for dry, wet, normal and irritable skin. Never forget to use the best electric razor for sensitive skin if your skin is sensitive to shaving razors.

Step 6: Restoration

You have to help your skin to heal from the effects of shaving by applying natural clay mask as often as the need arises. It contains minerals and oils which help to restore the skin to its original state after shaving.

Shaving is not as painful and difficult as it is perceived to be. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and you will streamline the shaving process.

Author: Denis Lubojanski