Surely, nobody wants to have a bulky figure. The entire outfit looks quite funny on a disturbed body figure. Increased belly, de-shaped body and overall dull personality create a bad impression. Then what are the ultimate solutions of this problem. Nothing is to be worried. You don’t need to spend more money on this issue. Things, you are eating are required to be streamlined only. Way of eating, way of using and way of workouts needed to be changed and all the problems regarding   First of all, you should think that what things that you should avoid eating are. In the list of 5 foods to never eat you will see the salad which is cream based.

This salad is quite dangerous for your health. Though, you can counter that salad is containing natural items but mixing the cream base with it is quite dangerous and disturbs all the nutritional values.   So this is your duty to use the green salad without any cream base. But before you avoid this, should know that how this can create an impact on your health.

Salad with Cream Base

Normally in each family salad is used as a special and mandatory food item but modern style to use this natural item is also changed and people started using cream base over it. Locally made cream base with the help of different chemicals and unhygienic formulae is spread over the salad. The cream captures all the nutritional; value of salad by impressive impact of the artificial use of sugar.

These cream bases are normally having low calories and harms your intestines.   To get more information about the side effects of cream base over the salad you can Discuss here. Now you should think that what things you should eat or not after all body is your and the problems will also be with you so discretion should be yours only.   This which are not suitable for your body, your must avoid them.

The foods to avoid must be avoided at all cost. Metabolic system of each person varies. It may be that a person is able to digest the same thing but another is facing problems. Now you should also think that the cream dressing adds some additional flavor on the salad. These flavors also contain different tastes and a number of calories which are able to damage the natural elements hidden in the salad ingredients. So it should be strictly avoid because you are eating the thing for your taste but resulting in different way.   Just have a simple thinking that what is the benefit of eating such salad which can bring you till a clinic.

Creamy layers on the salad can also increase your body weight so take every step with a lot of thinking as your body is the temple where your soul lives. A good house can provide shelter to a guest with ease and comfort. You can take some experiment in this regard too. Just try your salad with edible oil and definitely you will give up the habit of cream based salad eating.