There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. It serves many purposes, and when you think about it, you’ll realize how much time you actually spend in there each day, whether it’s to get ready in the morning or just to try and find a peaceful escape from everyone else in the household. But as you look around at your washroom’s current design and decor, there are probably a myriad of ideas that come to mind about how you could create a layout with added appeal and comfort. While it may not be in your budget at the moment to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a full bathroom remodel, there are still plenty of ways to upgrade your bathroom space into something you find more desirable without breaking the bank. The suggestions below will help you cut down on some of the costs associated with renovating.

 Consider Tile Installation and Placement

When bathroom floors get cracked or dingy, opting to put in new tile can make a huge difference. This provides a clean look that’s suitable for damp environments. Though some tile can be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, there are plenty of others that are relatively inexpensive. If plain tile is just too boring for your taste, you can always enhance your floors, walls and shower with a couple rows of decorative tile, which will add an artistic element without being too pricey when strategically placed throughout the room.

 Look At All Your Granite Choices

Granite countertops are a thing of beauty, and that’s why they’re generally on the more expensive side. However, there are a few different ways to get around paying top dollar for granite and still achieve the same elegant look. First of all, there is usually much less material needed for a bathroom countertop than one in a kitchen so that will save money already. Second of all, if you consider purchasing a slab of granite that is flawed, you can get a great deal and then cover up the damages with the placement of your sink. Finally, the most popular granite colors (typically those that are neutral) are going to be higher priced than other colors, so if you look for an alternative, you may find plenty of options that fit within your budget.

 Don’t Touch the Plumbing

Oftentimes, homeowners get into a bathroom remodel and decide it’s a good idea to move the plumbing around. If this is something that can be avoided, it will save you tremendously on your bathroom remodel project. It’s also a task that you never want to attempt on your own because any mistakes that you might make due to inexperience, lack of knowledge or utilizing the wrong tools can end up costing you way more than you anticipated.

Put Extra Thought Into Decorating

Homeowners frequently neglect to add their own personal touch to the bathroom, which is a low-cost, quick and easy way to spruce things up. By extending your decorating skills into this room as well, you can include accessories such as baskets for storage, candles, artwork, jars, etc. and turn your dull, ordinary bathroom into one that is much more enjoyable and relaxing to spend time in.

Breathing new life into your bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful and cost an arm and a leg. Use these tips to invest in an affordable and time efficient bathroom remodel that will enhance the look of your home and help to increase its value.

Author Bio: Gina Ponce loves finding new ways to spruce up her Redding, CA home on a budget and enjoys writing about what she’s learned. In her free time she likes to read and take advantage of all the outdoor adventure Northern California has to offer.