Alive after the fall is a very famous book around the united states, many people have read this book and come to know what is going to be happening in future according to the bible. The author has written things according to the bible instruction and, in 2017 something going to be happen worst due to which half of the world would demolish and everyone should do preparation for the protection of that day. That is the reason why the author has given the name alive after the fall of this book.

It is a very interesting book, in which you will come to know about what is going to be happen the future and how different countries would fight each other and it would be a nuclear fight due to which many countries would demolish from the world. It is going to be very dangerous third world war in the result third half of the world population would die. The United States name has been given the bible, but indirect way. Therefore, the main role would play the United States in 3rd world war. Therefore, people should seek the shelter for escaping from such condition. Even you can find some survival techniques in this book that how you can easily survive in such condition.

The nuclear war is the most dangerous war, in which many people start burning automatically due to the atomic power. Therefore, those countries that have faced the nuclear bomb tragedy, you can see the condition of those places. Still a child does not bear there; none of the flower grows there. The place has been empty for a long time. It was a big disaster for those people. However, in 3rd world war, everyone could become able to face such condition.  In this book, you can find the precaution that you can take before the distraction start in the world. After reading this book, most of the people did not believe in such things, but might be, it can happen due to the aggression of each country. None of the country can bear damages in the sovereignty of the country. Here are the few things that you can learn from this book that you can apply before such condition of the world.

  1. Food and medicines is very important for the human being. During the war, no one would be able to give treatment and no one would able to save food. Therefore, you have to take steps ahead and need to save food for bad days.
  2. Through this book, you will come to know that how you would become able to save the medicines and in which of the plays are better for saving the medicines that you could use in the worst time.
  3. You will come to know about technology through which you will become able to save your important appliances and electronic things during the tragedy.
  4. The book has been created for giving the human protective tips for the United States people during the such condition of the country.